Friday, November 5, 2010

TAIWAN TRAVEL 2010: Food and Tourist Sightseeing in Danshui 淡水

Tamsui (淡水, or Danshui, Danshuei, Tamshui) is a smaller city to the north of Taipei that was the center of shipping and commerce in northern Taiwan in the 19th century. The city is still popular with visitors from Taipei and boasts many historical attractions, and is a popular location for viewing the sunset.

The town calls itself by the English name "Tamsui”, but the Taipei MRT system calls it by its Mandarin Chinese name, transliterated as "Danshui". "Tamsui" probably comes from the town's name in the Taiwanese language.

Tamsui is located near the outlet of the Tamsui (Danshui) River into the Taiwan Strait. Originally home to Formosan indigenous peoples, Tamsui was next settled by the Spanish in 1629 as the town and mission of San Domingo. The Spanish were expelled by the Dutch in 1641, who built Fort Anthonio, forming what is known today as Hongmao Castle. Following the departure of the Dutch in 1661, Tamsui continued to grow, becoming the largest port in Taiwan by the 19th century. By the 20th century, accumulation of silt in the river forced most port operations to move further north to Keelung. Due to its close proximity to Taipei City, Tamsui has become a favorite destination for city dwellers to take a stroll and enjoy a coffee along the riverside.

Tamsui is most easily accessed from Taipei by taking the MRT Danshui (Red) Line to its northern end at Danshui Station. The ride is roughly 40 minutes from Taipei Main Station

DANSHUI LAO JIE (Dan shui old street)

This was what greeted me when I came out of the MRT station :-D

Kids playing with some head bobbing toy...

Street musicians


Damn cute shop!!!

Awwwww.....This reminds me of someone's smile that I have not seen for oh-so-long....

The dogs here wear tutus

Motorbikes all in a row

Sanrio Shop!!!

Damn cute!!! But this luggage bag is TOO small for me :-P considering the amount of stuff I have!!!

This is an AH-GEI...Tao foo stuffed with Tang Hoon/Glass noodles :-)

Meat dumpling

Turkish ice-cream....Malaysia also got la but this dude got DAMN huge audience

Super tall ice-cream...

There were damn ALOT of people lining up for this POLO bun...dunno why...

Tourist/Visitors can Opt to take the ferry across to watch the sunset....I didn't go la of coz...go alone damn unromantic!!! Blekkk!!!

This picture makes me feel like singing "When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we'll see~~~Stand by me" :-)

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