Monday, November 15, 2010

TAIWAN TRAVEL 2010: Hello Kitty Sweets at Xinyi District

UPDATE 2018: Sadly, this cafe/restaurant has closed down :-(

You can take Hello Kitty away from a girl but you can never take Hello Kitty out of a girl :-D

Ok...don't make any sense but, what the hell!

I LOVE Hello Kitty SOOOO Much that she DESERVES a post on her own :-D

The only thing that is stopping me from carrying a Hello Kitty Handbag, dressing in Full Pink and in Tulle Ballet Skirt with Neko ears (Cat ears) IS.....coz it doesn't FIT my IMAGE....T___T

God made me look hot, sexy and mature not cutesy & manja-ish...Sigh...I would PREFER being the latter sometimes....get me out of TROUBLES easier :-P

Anyways, I know that Hello Kitty is a mouth-less Cat...but she's soooo cute....and also her bf, Dear Daniel which is not as common as Hello Kitty herself...(random trivia: My first crush ever was a boy name Daniel...see our similarities? weeeeee...)

One thing I LOVE about Taiwan is the efficiency of the public transport!!! It brings you EVERYWHERE....

I was looking around for the shop after coming out of the MRT staition....when I spotted this sign, I couldn't HOLD my excitement any longer...I started skipping :-D

Lo and Behold.....The Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe...***Starts Hyperventilating***

The Payung holder at the entrance...

The Hello Kitty Merchandise Display at the entrance :-)

I was there at 11am...1/2 hour before they opened so I went to the nearby SASA to look see look see...

At 11.30am I was there and they were already customers inside...

The waitress asked whether I had a reservation...which I did not have

But Thank GOD due to my efficiency (I damn hate un-efficient people, waste my time...time is money, money is time!!! You know who you are!!! Don't blame me for throwing a bitch fit coz you DO NOT waste people's time at THEIR expense!!!) there was a seat available!!! :-D

WARNING: Those who wanna go to this Cafe MUST make reservations....If got no table then it will be THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT in your LIFE!!! Make that 3 LIFETIMES!!!

Ask me for the number personally :-D Will give it to you if I feel like I wanna do a good deed and if I feel you are WORTHY of going there :-)

Hello Kitty Tissue Holder!!! Kawaii-ne!!!

Hello Kitty Table Mat

Hello Kitty Menu

Hello Kitty waitress stand (The place where waitresses write your reservation..etc...)

I want this!!! When I make my UN ambassador speech XD

Hello Kitty print bread....How to eat??? So damn cute!!!

Hello Kitty Soup Bowl with pumpkin soup

Hello Kitty Table

Hello Kitty Glass...Kopi-O btw...

Kopi-O with Milk :-D

Goose Liver

Smoked Salmon Salad

Hello Kitty Strawberry Jelly!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Damn sedap also!!! WEEEE!!!!

Even the Paper napkins got hello kitty print....!!!!!

Hello Kitty Bill/Check holder

EVERYONE asked me how much I spent...

NT$350 +
NT$35 tax =
NT$385= RM 38.50

Cheap wei!!! Considering how much food I've ate and the GOOD service and the SATISFACTION I get while being there for almost 2 HOURS!!!

Hello Kitty Tissue Dispenser

Not Hello Kitty but still nice :-)

Hello Kitty soap dispenser & Tissue Box

In the toilet

The toilet which looks more like a powder room!!!!!! Feel like just lying there...gahhhhhh....

One of the Hello Kitty posters

The interior upstairs

The "VIP" area upstairs


The furniture downstairs

The Hello Kitty have to take your bill here and pay...they don't collect from the table...


The princess-y light

This lil girl did a PEACE sign posey for me...Awwwwww.....:-)
See my super happy face :-D.....jaga macho.....was actually dying of happiness inside :-D

Hello Kitty waiting area chair :-D

Hello Kitty Pastries in the making

The cakes!!!!!!!!! Go crazy girls!!! XD

Opening hours 11.30am-22.00pm


Charlene C. said...

OMGGGGGGG!!!! I love Hello Kitty too!!!!! and I super love this post!

Sarah May Low said...

Hope it made your day Charlene! :-)

Anonymous said...

nice captions with the pictures~ ^.^

~May Wong~

Yes2Film said...

Yes, I saw many people went this cafe as well ^_^

Maybe you will like this, Limited Edition of Hello Kitty Camera :P


Bowie T. said...

Hi sarah: May i know which station to alight here for Hello Kitty & number for booking please? Thanks :)

Instagram @sarahmaylow