Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NEW ZEALAND WORKING HOLIDAY 2011: Astrology Course in Auckland

September 21, 2011 0

Attended my first ever Astrology Lesson!!! :-D It was SUPER SUPER interesting!!!!! But as I walked into class, I found a shietty thing about myself .......

Me: Hi! you must be Carol (my sifu), I'm Sarah! :-)
Carol: Oh hi Sarah! Really happy to meet the girl who shares the same birthdate as I do....a fellow AQUARIAN!!!!


Me: But I'm a Pisces!!!
Carol: Nope, I look into your birthchart, you would be a Pisces if you were born 8 hours later, but you are a 100% AQUARIAN!

I could've accept that I was 1/2 aquarian as I was a cusp sign but a TRUE BLUE AQUARIAN??????

To all the Aquarians which I have insulted for the past 8 months (I know I deserve to be shot by all of you), my sincerest apology due to the lack of my astrology knowledge. But since I'm now an Aquarian, AQUARIUS ROCKSSSS!!!!! <<

And to all the Aquarian guys whom I've rejected, you can now ask me out :-p lolx! *Opens Sarah May Low's lil black book of dating and crosses out the DO NOT DATE AQUARIAN GUYS CHAPTER*

Carol also explained to the class that

"Astrology is NOT USED to turn yourself against people. you can DATE & MARRY whoever you want. Astrology is to find what you both lack and to understand each other. Making a relationship work is more than your compatibility issues.....It's about whether BOTH of you want it to work"

*GUILTY* >__<"

Guess I have to bite my own words!!!!!!! But then again, there is some truth in it, I have the INDEPENDENCE of an Aquarian....unlike my Pisces counterpart who cannot do things on their own....nothing much change coz as I said in a previous Astrology blog post, I still have my moon sign & ascendant sign other than my sun sign....

Sun Sign-A person's essence & REAL ABILITY
Moon Sign-A person's emotions and "secret self"
Ascendant- The FIRST impression a person gives

My MOON SIGN is still a PISCES afterall!!!!!! Hence the over-emoness that ONLY people close to me can see....

I also found out something new, my Ascendant is an ARIES, not a LEO....but then again, both a fire signs that are almost similar.

My sifu went on to ask us to introduce ourself One By One ala Alcoholic Anonymous style....and she asked us for Ascendant sign and she explained what it meant and the first impression we exude...Mine was

"Aries the ram just attacks head on into new situations. Confident, Controlled and have a commanding presence. "Hi, I'm already here. you can start the party/class"." 

LOLOLOLOL!!! It's quite true!!! In every new situation I always main langgar oni....the Nike's "Just Do It"  attitude. People also say I always give off the super lansi impression when they first meet fact, a friend once told me:

"Sarah, you looked damn snobbish when I first met you. But I instantly knew you were friendly when you smiled at me."

AWWWWWW!!!! sweetness :-D

Yupe...when you know me, that's where my Aquarian-ess starts to show the friendly, independent and intelligent side :-D yupe, you read that right! I'M FREAKING INTELLIGENT!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Don't hate me coz I was born this way baby :-P

But if you are extremely close to me then the Pisces in me comes out....the person that is extremely soft hearted and caring, the person who would fight to death for their love one yet cry when fighting with someone they care about, the extremely romantic me *blush*, the person who would cry at weddings and also the person that would cry while reading romance novels and watching romance flicks think The Notebook, P.S I Love You & The Time Traveller's wife.....


But then again, astrology is MOREEEEEEE than that!!!!!!!!!! There's still so many more things to learn, like the elements of the planet, the houses, etc etc.....makes me soooo @___@ yet and the same time glued & super fascinated by it.....the scary part is it's soooo damn ACCURATE!!!!
Another 2 things I confirmed & learnt about myself was

a)I'm a go-getter, always out there looking for opportunities. I will not wait for opportunities to come. I'll hunt em' down :-D

b)My education/learning house (lazy to explain to you all what it means) states that my philosophy of life is that "I will learn through my travels and NO ONE can stop me from what I want to do as I will find every way possible to travel" Gee! No wonder why I CANNOT FREAKING SIT still!!!! I need to travel to learn!!!!! :-D what's next now? Air Stewardess? Au Pair in US? or working holiday in Australia???

Let me learn more about myself first before decide :-) but at the same time.....appreciating all the good energies I'm receiving at the moment :-D

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