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FITNESS: Pilatique Pilates, Damansara Heights

I first heard about the benefits of Pilates 6-7 years back when I was reading a celebrity gossip magazine

An article on Hilary Duff caught my eyes...during my teen years, Lizzie Maguire was a BIG hit...I was hooked on it even though I hate how Hilary Duff will always be wear the wrong bra...her boobs would always be sooo high up, almost touching her collar-bone...

oh ya...back to the article, it was about Hilary Duff losing weight and firming/toning up with Pilates.....
She looked amazing!!! her body looked really lean and firm...though it could also be due to dieting.
I've tried Pilates "floor-exercises" before in gyms and also at a yoga centre that I go to. However, I was always curious about the "super-intimidating" looking machine I see at the gyms...
I EVENTUALLY had the chance to try it out at Pilatique in Damansara Heights.
I learnt that the "super-intimidating" looking machine is called a CARRIAGE/ Cinderella's pumpkin but less sparkly...

and Oh yea....I DID experience the differences between Pilates floor exercise and also using their equipments....
People always think that Pilates & Yoga are easy peasy, until they try it themselves........ask my MHB (Malaysia's Hottest Blogger) manager TIM CHEW!!! LOLX!!! 
Tim's Body was aching like crazy after his 1st session...:-P
Kame Hame HA!
Being an ex-ballerina, I thought in all forms of dance and movement, once you've mastered ballet you'd be GOD-LIKE Unstoppable......HELL NO!!!!!
After 4 sessions at Pilatique, Jules my trainer asked me what I thought of Pilates...I told her

" I've NEVER use soooo much thinking & focus on an exercise before!"

But like all other forms of exercises, everything needs practice and time in getting use to new movements of your body....
Jules (my trainer) would often give me the most weights/resistance as I'm quite strong *cues wonder woman theme song*
Despite being "strong", I was actually wobbly and shaky while trying to control my movements, breathing and what Jules would call "stop your ribs from Popping".... also said that I'm always very "kan-cheong".....she's right! I'm a very "kan-cheong" and impatient person....I'm always rushing rushing rushing....NEED to learn how to RELAX!

After the session on the carriage we would do some twisting & stretches first....
Before moving on with the floor exercises....

PLANKING! lol...jokes!
No makeup!!! Ahhhh!!! still pretty :-p
Shell position...unlike Child position in yoga, this one requires you to arch your back
Learning to use our body, no popping our ribs or even pelvic bone...nothing to do with the famous Vitagen adv :-P
Abs abs abs!

During our sessions, we also get to try out their super "Futuristic" looking equipments...
Foam Roller, a cylinder shaped thingamajig where you have to find your balance throughout the whole workout
Bosu! Half of a fitball....balancing on it was quite difficult!
My dead jokes
The MHB girls with our trainer Jules
2nd shot with Jules trying the "pageant pose"
VERDICT: I'm pretty glad that Jules (our trainer) told me that I have one of the better postures she's seen *kembang* lol jokes! At least I didn't waste my mum's money at ballet and gymnastics :-P......On a serious note, learning Pilates, I've learned to pay attention to different parts of my body while exercising. I find that sometimes when I'm focusing on a certain aspect of the exercise (breathing, point/lift toes) that I tend to forget a different part of my body that I should control too (spine, ribs, etc.). What Pilates teaches you is coordination & may look easy but after 1 session you'll definitely can feel those lactic acid get to you a few hours later or the day after.....well, in all forms of exercises, remember, NO PAIN NO GAIN....
On another note, Super Sweet of Pilatique who sent me a Birthday message too :-)
Pilatique Pilates
8-2A, Jalan Batai,
Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 2092 5655
Fax: 03 2092 5055
Mobile: 012 205 3162

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bendan said...

OMG, Hilary Duff lose her weight doing pilates?? Can't even recoginse her in the 2005 photo!!

Btw, had fun with you girls during the classes!! ^^

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