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AUSTRALIA TRAVEL 2012: Melbourne City Tour

Been meeting & bumping to a lot of my old friends lately, YES! I have A LOT OF FRIENDS considering the amount of activities I actually have since my high school days, it's no surprise!

The problem with having too many friends is that its sometimes sooo difficult to keep in touch with all of them considering everyone is busy (including me!) going through different phases of life (studies, work, marriage, having babies)....However, it's absolutely GREAT when I actually get to sit down and chat with them to catch up with things sometimes...
Friend A: Eh?!!! You not in Taiwan meh???
Me: I went to Taiwan, then was in New Zealand for awhile and I just came back from Australia :-)

Friend B: Eh?!!! You not in Taiwan meh???
Me: Hahahahah!!! A just asked me the same thing.... I went to Taiwan, then was in New Zealand for awhile and I just came back from Australia :-)

Many things can happen within 2-3 years....I may one day decide to be a singer and the next day take up a working holiday position is the US...

AM I INDECISIVE??? That's a very pessimistic way of looking at it....But we Aquariuses are forever the Optimist....we call it "EXPLORING OPPORTUNITIES" :-)

Went on a trip to Australia exactly ONE month ago and my first destination was MELBOURNE!!!

A peace offering for my friend who'd be hosting me!!!

Cigarettes are super expensive in Australia and "students" in Australia usually buy their own Tobacco & Paper to roll their own ciggarette...coz it's cheaper that way...

My friend's housemate wanted to go to 7 eleven to get "paper" and I asked him what "Newspaper" he!!! I'm forever sooo innocent & naive (blek!) and I thought he wanted to get Newspaper to do research/assignment of some sort...*slaps forehead*

The Chicken Kiev had REALLY SALTY vegetables

Thai Green Curry was slightly spicy though they initially assure me that "It was not spicy at all" and Bluffed that they only had Thai curry available...I saw the air stewardess serving Nasi Lemak to other passengers much later...and that customer did not pre-order it!!! hmmppphhh!!! Sarah May Low don't like being lied to!
My travel kit :-D
On the plane ride to Melbourne, I was seated next to a spunky Capricorn german girl & super talkative Gemini 18 year old small boy... YES!!! I already figured out he's an air sign considering how curious and chatty he is! We had 7 hours worth of plane ride and one of our topic was typical of me! :-)

No picture of them though coz I was stopped at the Melbourne customs....cannot take picture in the airport...KANASAI! super duper strict wei....especially if they see you arriving alone...but just as long as you speak good English (like me! lol!) and can explain what are your intentions being there travel, etc...they'll let u off!
Calvin picked me up at the airport and the first thing I noticed was his awesome looking purple jacket...:-)

Calvin is my good friend from my Inti College time and he has changed soooo much!!! and for the better too! So proud of him! A Melbourne Fashion Blogger now yo! Go check out his fashion website! Vanity Press

One of the first few things Calvin mentioned was "Wah! your English sounds different edi huh? Not so Manglish!"

Still VERY Manglish ler with Malaysians la of course....Just not with Ang Mohs :-)
His apartment is located at the border of Kensington...super new and nice looking apartment Newmarket to be exact! Ironically, when I was working in New Zealand, my office in Auckland was also located in a place called Newmarket...

Woke up early the next day and started our city tour with a TRAM RIDE!!! Super excited actually coz the first and last time I've ever boarded a public tram was in Hong Kong in 2008.

Calvin taught me how to use the machine to buy tickets though later I went on to buy a Myki card (a public transportation card with cash value inside)

Arrived Victoria Market and we headed for breakfast at Muletta's....was super hungry so we had to fuel up first before we start walking

Calvin had scrambled eggs, hash browns, wedges while I had their Berry Pancake which the waitress recommended!!! It was YUMMMMMMMSSSSS!!!

Unlike those generic pancake brands where u can find in the supermarket or the just-add-water kind, this baby was fluffy and has a rich milky flavour....Best PANCAKE I've ever tasted in my life!!! Though I've heard that Stokers in Melbourne is awesome too....too far though...

Couldn't finish mine though as I was stuffed :-(

Walked around for a bit at Victoria Market and this place is SO CLEANNNNN!!!!! I can just imagine pushing a pram and shopping for groceries in this wonderful ambience and weather! *Bliss*

Fruits & Vegetables are extremely cheap too!!! Both dollar to dollar with the Malaysian Ringgit currency and even after conversion!!! Meat items are EXTREMELY cheap too when it's nearing closing hours....the vendors will start "lelong-ing" their goods #likeaboss! You can hear their voices sayng "10 dollar 1kg" from a mile away....super good voice projection :-S

Loads of souvenirs, arts & craft and also clothing items are sold in the market too! (though it's another section)

Aboriginal instrument...what is it called again? Digeridoo???
We then headed to RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Calvin's alma mater to look see look see for a bit...

A new RMIT building was in the midst of being built...

To go or not to go...that was the question....

After the RMIT tour, we proceeded to the State Library...

WHAAAATTTTTT??? How come so beautiful & majestic?????? How to study like that?????

They even have a playroom for kids with PlayStation 3, Desktop iMac, wonder taxes are so high :-S

It was Melbourne Central after that...
Love this picture lotsss <3

According to Calvin, the Melbourne central is a common meet up place....people would usually say "Meet me under the Big Clock"....kinda romantic too :-)

After all the walking around, we headed to Chatime as I wanted to taste the Durian Milk Tea that my friends were sharing on Facebook a few weeks before my trip (not available in Malaysia...oh the irony...)
Btw, it sucks!!! super bland...:-(

As we were walking towards Chinatown, we saw a group of bridesmaid, bridegrooms and the wedding couple themselves taking wedding pictures :-) No need to worry about walking around in your Wedding gown as Melbourne streets are sooo clean....unlike Malaysia, if I were to step on mud or chewing gum in my Jimmy Choos I'd probably cry 10 days 10 nights :-(

The bridegroom's men were SO DAMN CUTEEEE!!! One of them even said hi to me, but unfortunately baby, I'd have to leave :-(
Disini Berakhirnya Cinta Pandang Pertama....sniff sniff

Melbourne city is famous for all the artistic wall graffiti-es which are tastefully done :-) Unlike Malaysia who somehow love more "vulgar" kind of art #MalaysiaBoleh!

The Fashionista who is also an Otaku :-P
I bullied and ate all my husband's food...that's why he's sooo skinny :-P
After a full day of walking & burning calories, we headed to this quaint & quiet little alley for a drink at this cafe cum pastry/confectionery shop....Imagine it being Malaysia....we would've gotten robbed eating at a mamak in an alley T__T
Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie
Calvin ordered this super yums dessert for me :-)

Met up with Adrian (Calvin's housemate) after his class and we had tea & coffee....

After the sky has gotten dark, we then headed towards Southbank & Flinders Street station

Hanged out for a bit at Federation Square, Melbourne's equivalent to Malaysia's Dataran Merdeka....the boys waited for me while I was being all touristy and taking pictures :-)

Was a bit hungry so I had some "Wicked Wings" which Calvin recommended...It was AWESOME!!! Had that Hot & Spicy crunch without that overpowering spiciness (I hate spicy food!)....See that 2 red KFC packet??? I thought it was tomato sauce but it was actually wet wipes...FML!!!!! god I was squeezing it in front of my fellow Malaysians...As I'm sure they've had their fair share of malu-ness in a foreign country....FYI,We are suppose to "purchase" our sauces...Not free ok!!!
Love this Chanel advertisement :-) It's a ballet bar (barre) and the models are doing basic ballet jumps #ballerinamemories <3

After walking all day doing and seeing tourist stuff, it was time to "blend in" with the locals....

Trivia night is at 9pm EVERY THURSDAY...this is the boy's Weekly event that they would NEVER miss unless it's assignment or exam week...

They love it coz it gives them a mental challenge (and heightened egos) and also free beers when you win their challenges of the night and also when u are ultimately the winning group of the night!

The boys meaning Calvin, Adrian, Morgan & Morgan's friends Ian and another!

Men at work...Do not disturb!!!I somehow find that Ian looks a bit like Finn from Glee......

With most of the boys being "students" they make do with cheap (in their own words) beer like Carltons....I'm sorry but it was unbearable....Thank you Adrian for saving me with this bottle of Smirnoff :-D

And this my dears, is the end of only the FIRST out of TEN part of my Australia have patience ok??? :-)

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Melbourne looks pretty cool! Oh i know what the feelings like babe.... you're here but your heart is still there. I had the same feeling when my dad shorten my 6 months europe trip to 3 months when I caught a bug and was so sick in London, he literally flew from KK to London to dragged my ass back to KK!!! hahahahah and that was almost 2 years ago, and my heart is still there!!! :(

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