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AUSTRALIA TRAVEL 2012: Vietnamese Food in Melbourne, Shopping in Melboune City & Emerging Melbourne Event

These past few days I was thinking to myself  "I'm at such an AWESOME stage in life now" :-) Everything is running smoothly....Despite me not being a Bilionaire yet....I'm extremely Happy on the inside....and I realised that....Life has ALWAYS been good to me, no major challenges or dramas just small hurdles from god which was necessary to make me the strong person I am today :-)

 A lot of plans in the pipeline for me this year!!! Hopefully it'll turn out good :-) Thank you guiding angels who came into my life and made it better :-)

Breakfast was at Hao Pong in Footscray. Though by car it's only a 10-15 minutes drive we took a long tram ride there as the tram follows the "scenic" route.
Beef Ball & Meat Pho....super bland :-(
Rice Paper Spring Roll....or is it Paper Rice Spring Roll? :-S
Vietnamese can choose whether you would like the white or black version :-)

Though I was eager to try out the Vietnamese food in Melbourne, the food served at Hao Pong wasn't up to my expectation-AT ALL...utterly dissapointed :-( We were deciding between Hao Pong and a shop with green-ish decor 2 doors away. We found out later that we made the wrong choice as the latter shop was more popular :-( Oh wells~~~

While I was in Footscray, it didn't feel like Melbourne at all!!! It looks like the pictures I've seen of Vietnam cities but with more English signboards :-)

We then took the train to the Factory Outlet, DFO :-)

Happy Leap! Weeeee!!!
We stopped by for a bit at a dessert place called Easyway in DFO :-D Easyway was my FAVOURITE bubble tea place when I was living in Auckland :-) Though of course, it's not on par with Chatime's pearl & Gong Cha's Signature Milk Tea :-)

Though I walked around and inside most shops, I only ended up with 3 black pairs of ALDO heels which was sooooooo affordable....Imagine the price of 3 pairs is equivalent to 1 pair in Malaysia....MADNESS!!!

Had to rush home after that to get ready for an Event where my dearest Fashion Blogger friend, Calvin manage to get an invite for me :-) Love You Long Time!!!
Calvin was using his new clutch from Forever New...Love that boutique :-)
Emerging Melbourne is the place for young and upcoming Australia fashion designers from Melbourne and around Australia to showcase their designs and talents. This event was held at Melbourne Central where you can currently find fashion items that ranges from clothes, shoes, bag and also accessories :-)

Check this place out when you are in Melbourne. You can check out their website too :-)

Other coverage of the event &
Calvin & I
Eventhough I often get invites for Fashion Events back home in Malaysia, I'm not very knowledgeable about Fashion neither someone who know of branded stuff....Oh YES! I love love love dressing up but most of the time, I'm a BARGAIN hunter....

The fact is, I use to date someone who was extremely brand conscious and he knew more about the latest designer fashion, bags, accessories and makeup compared to me... I felt like a man...:-S

I only know whether it's Nice or Not Nice and whether a particular outfit is suitable for my body type :-)
My style is often quirky but inexpensive and the most important part is that it must be DRAMATIC and THEATRICAL :-D Not at Lady Gaga's level yet though I totally don't mind dressing up like her for performances :-)

I'm extremely happy that my looks and pesona fits my taste of fashion....I would just wake up one day and decide to be an Indian Princess, Thai Traditional Dancer, Spanish Senorita or even a Diva in a fur coat and most of the time, manage to pull it off! :-) Like they say in Arabic "Alhamdulilah" :-)

This was what I wore for the event :-) with my necklace & clutch borrowed from Calvin :-)
My furry leg warmers which my mum bought from Taiwan :-) not suitable for our Malaysian weather though :-(

Calvin also gave me a new pair of false eyelashes (which he got from an event and he obviously wouldn't be wearing) which has a strip of glitter on its comb........I ABSOLUTELY LOVE stylish friends who can dress me & share clothing items with XD

My FIRST overseas blogger event :-) Phewittt!!! I'm super proud to announce that the other Australian bloggers said that my English is "Really Good!" :-D

Considering I'm a product of our Malaysian Public Education system, I would like to say don't despair my fellow Malaysians...there's hope! :-P

Went home early after the event as Calvin had work and I had to wake up early the next day for a tour trip which I signed up for with a tour company (which I would recommend in my next post) :-)

Here's the end of Melbourne,Part 2 :-) 8 MORE blogpost to go! XD

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