Saturday, June 23, 2012

AUSTRALIA TRAVEL 2012: Great Ocean Road & Club/Pub Hopping Night

June 23, 2012 0
Super Epic Day! woke up late and it was the day of all days that I wasn't suppose to be late as I was scheduled to meet a tour group in the City to go to the GREAT OCEAN ROAD.

As they say, Bad Luck comes in 3 folds, the tram on that ill-fated day DIVERTED!!! Oh my god!!! I was taking the tram alone and usually once it reaches the turning to the city at Victoria Market, it's my cue to look out for my didn't turn into Elizabeth St. but turned into William St.....Thank god I travel on my own pretty often and I intuitively knew something wasn't right when I started to see high-rise buildings all around me....

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