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AUSTRALIA TRAVEL 2012: Brisbane City Day Trip + Crocodile, Emu & Kangaroo Meat Dinner

Brisbane Eye 

I would have uploaded the "dark looking" pictures in this blog post on Picasa and edit cantik-cantik but I'm having problem uploading pictures T__T...anyhow....I will continue to be grateful in life and send out some good "chi" to the universe :-D...since in my previous post I've forgotten to give thanks to the universe...I shall mention 3 today:-

I'm grateful for having wonderful & supportive Friends

I'm grateful for NOT having any dramas with my Friends

I'm grateful that my DRAMATIC self is only reserved for the STAGE and in reality I'm a good, caring person who will not betray my Friends :-)

Woke up at 6am and got ready to pick up koh koh from the airport. Wasted a bit of time as we were surveying and comparing car rental prices and in the end, I decided to go ahead with BUDGET car rental coz east coast car rental's (recommended by our host at Capricorn One) customer service was

Alex on the left & Chris on the right 

Drove to Brisbane. The journey takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the traffic. Parked our car at King George Square station....parking was about AUD$30 the whole day (RM 100) but it was the CHEAPEST in the city T__T...I drove into a wrong parking place initially and was charged AUD$15....My older bro Chris threw a bitch fit at me T__T....sigh.....

Brisbane City :-D 

Met up with my friend Alex whom I haven't seen since 2008, He's studying at the University of Queensland. Walked over the bridge to Southbank. Took a "scenic walk" along the river. This was the same river that was affected in the flood last year. Apparently, there use to be a restaurant there which was voted the best in 2011. That was it's first and LAST year operating unfortunately :-S

Brisbane's Water Taxi-City Cat :-D

At the South Bank, you would also find a "man-made" beach....and there was EVEN a lifeguard on duty :-P

Went to MAX BRENNER for brunch and had their AMAZING waffles, hug mug & suckao. BEST EVER!!! 

Soooo! :-P

Max Brenner's Chocolate shop!!! :-D

Customers have a choice of Vanillla or Chocolate ice-cream

A signature drink at Max Brenner

Yummy!!! Unfortunately, the Milk was too little and the chocolate chips were too much....making the chocolate more like a sauce when melted instead of a hot chocolate drink T__T

Alex & I :-D

When I first knew him in choir, he was ONLY 12!!! and was singing in SOPRANO :-P No more Soprano voice edi unfortunately :-S

Mum bought this egg nog drink from the supermarket and opened it for us to taste....but unfortunately, curiosity killed the cat....the was NASTY!!! The RAW egg yolk smell was too overpowering and the texture & taste is kinda "plastic-ky"???...yuck!!! Threw like 3/4 of it!!! Forgive me god for wasting Food Drink

Brisbane City!!! :-D

After brunch, we walked to the other side of South Bank and look see abit in the art gallery.
This is ART!!! FTW!!! =__="

I think I can be a painter too....have splashes of RED paint on my canvas and I'll name my masterpiece

BEWARE: Sarah May Low when she's PMS-ing...LOLOL!!!
This is ART too!!! =__=" =__="

Aboriginal weapon

Parted ways with Alex after that as he had to go to Uni. Sooooo sweet of him to come and meet up with me especially when he was scheduled to have exams the next day :-)

This is apparently.....a casino :-D 

Super good singer, she's probably ONLY around 14-15 years old...

Buy 1 free 1 games....Brothers Bonding Session

Bought MOS burger for lunch, took some last minute pictures at King George Square (where we parked) and drove back to Gold Coast. We gave the Botanical Gardens a miss as everyone was tired and the weather was gloomy & drizzly too...

The FAMOUS Clock :-D

And that's ALL there is to Brisbane City, yea...seriously, no joke! I initially wanted to study in Queensland 2 years ago, but thank god I changed my mind....ok....more like my father gave me false hopes and broke his promise...but I don't regret it....coz it's a boring city :-S But the temperature is milder & warmer compared the Gold Coast & Melbourne...I could walk around without my jacket :-D
Wagyu Beef Burger from MOS Burger...Super Sedap!!! DO they have this too in Singapore???

Messy but Tasty :-D

Our rented car :-D How I wish this was my REAL car....not very expensive but it was smooth :-D 

Through the internet & directories which I got from the Airport, I found an Unusual Restaurant called Captains Table located at Surfers Paradise.
Guess what we had???? SUPER YUMMY Crocodile, Emu & Kangaroo meat!!! :-D 

Pineapple, Orange & Apple Juice

and my Bro Chris had this....nasty cheap beer...:-P


Kangaroo Dish...Everyone's favourite...How's the texture? Taste like deer meat or a cross between beef & chicken....HUH???? Say what??? meaning it's like beef but with a smoother texture :-D

Crocodile meat :-D Cooked ala Fish & does taste like fish just a bit firmer :-)

Emu Meat...taste ike ostrich la....I guess most Malaysians tasted Ostrich before right?

We ordered starter size for all out meat dishes just in case we didn't like any of them...but we actually LOVED all of them :-D Surprisingly, who would have thought Kangaroo, Emu & Crocodile taste sooo good? I will never look at those animals the same!!!

Also, love the way they cook & present these dishes...a highly recommended restaurant!

The Captains Table
17 Orchid Avenue. 
 Gold Coast QLD 4217, 

(07)5531 5766 

After dinner, actually throughout the day especially in the evening, it was raining CATS & DOGS T__T

We went to the supermarket to do more grocery shopping....and of course being Aliens foreigners, we were in Awe with all the products available at an Australian Supermarket :-D

The boys a.k.a my brothers had MOS burger again as they were still hungry...growing boys mah....but oneis growing taller while the other one is growing fatter :-P

Burger with Rice Bun pattie :-D 

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