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AUSTRALIA TRAVEL 2012: Gold Coast City & Surfers Paradise Beach

Today, I'm grateful for:-

Having the opportunity to travel to beautiful places like this! :-)

Beautiful Sunny Gold Coast
Arrived Gold Coast airport 20 minutes early as the plane from Melbourne left 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. Thanks to all the super discipline passengers that day :-D

Mummy & Nick's flight was scheduled to arrive at 9pm. So I had about 30 minutes to wait. I took advantage of that time collecting the MANY maps & guides available at the airport and surverying it. This is the BEST way of getting discounts for food, car rental, theme parks while on holiday :-D

I practically breeze through customs as I was taking a domestic flight from Melbourne, whereas, my mum and Nick took an International flight from Malaysia. But they told me customs weren't that strict in comparison with Melbourne's airport.

Initially, I wanted to take the shuttle bus About AUD$19 per person to our Apartment at Surfers Paradise but after surveying, I realised that a taxi only cost about AUD$58 to the same place and so much more comfortable considering there's 3 of us (Nick, Mum & I)

Our Taxi driver was a Japanese uncle from Kyoto, I started chatting with him in English + some of my rusty Japanese (I was a youth exchange student in Japan 8 years back :-P)...and I know quite a bit of the Japanese culture considering the fact that my older brother is an OTAKU (all those Japanese animation nerds :-P)

Throughout the ride to our apartment, I proceeded to ask him about the weather for the next few days, the best places to eat, how is the public transportation like, where are the supermarkets located, all know me la...ever so resourceful :-D

Upon the arrival at our Apartment-Capricorn One, I was ever so impressed!!!! :-D

It had 2 bedrooms and the Apartment was GIGANTIC!!!

Dining Area

Living Hall


Bedroom 1

Toilet 1

Laundry room

Bathroom 2

Bedroom 2
Mummy, Nick and I was starving!!!!!! So we all decided to take a walk to the centre of surfers paradise 15 minutes away. As it was ANZAC day that day and was already 10pm-ish, most shops were closed...All we could ever find was PIE FACE!!! :-D
My pie was topped up with potato & pea mash and also brown sauce:-D

Nick's pie
Mummy's croissant

My Chai Latte :-D
Pie Face was the only place around with FREE wifi...ftw!...Starbucks charges AUD$3 per hour...=__="

After supper, we headed back to the apartment...Mum was freezing walking back but I told her it was NOTHING compared to the crazy weather in Melbourne.

The next morning, I woke up to this BEAUTIFUL view.....

South Pacific Ocean yo!!!!


As we arrived at night, we NEVER expected to see such beautiful view the next morning....but I'm glad we did!!! After washing up, we headed out to the centre of Surfers Paradise, this time with ALL shops open :-D

Nick & Mum....yes...Nick is this tall now :-)

Our Apartment

Beautiful weather...

High rise buildings all around

360 degree view apartment

Mummy, Nick & I was super excited to see a bird of this size
My friend actually recommended me to eat at this place...but unfortunately, it's kind of expensive :-( But reviews says it is damn good...

Super kiasu, so I took a picture outside the restaurant instead :-D

They have all these super interesting vehicle for rent :-D

Or you can even Opt for this :-D

Chevron Renaissance Mall

This duck tour was highly recommended in most tourist guides...but Nick & Mum didn't want to go for a ride on it :-(

The Bikinis & Swimwear in Gold Coast are BEAUTIFUL but too expensive :-(

We were all super famished...So we decided to have lunch here

My lamb stew

Mummy's Steak

and Nick's Chicken Burger

Yes, that's how gigantic the portion is!!! My fat cheeks was the result of Melbourne's good food! >__<"
My bread that came with the Lamb Stew...
Mummy and I was having a conversation about the cost of living in Australia as compared to Malaysia. Most "set lunch" here are around AUD$10-15 as the portion is BIG. So imagine earning AUD$3000 and you'll only spend AUD$10 for lunch (which can even last you till dinner considering how BIG the portion is) and in Malaysia, people who earns RM3000 would need to spend RM30-50 at TGI Fridays maybe to get food of the same portion size.....To work overseas???

But then again, services & medical treatments overseas are expensive la....still, if I work overseas, I would be able to save more....sigh....dilemma, dilemma.....
Saw this Nemo Clown Fish  resting on an anemone at some random aquarium...

Surfers Paradise!

Cranberry Tea  & Coca Cola from Mos Burger

Chilled out for a bit admiring the beautiful view at Surfers Paradise


Nick was freezing...the sea breeze was pretty strong :-P


You actually can watch whales swim pass in certain months....unfortunately, I was there at the wrong season :-(

Mummy doing some Bollywood dance move

I eventually found out that this bird is called an IBIS, and it's a PEST here though I was so fascinated by it's size and was chasing it all around :-D #likeakid

Cavill Avenue Mall

Passed by a property showroom with models of future developments in Gold Coast

Outside centro, there was this Gu Zheng player who was quite good....
Ended up at Pie Face again for their free WIFI...this was Nick's Chocolate Milkshake

At surfers paradise, there's this mini bungee jumping thingie you can try out :-)

The view from my room at night :-)

Our supplies from the supermarket...and this was only round 1 out of the 4-5 rounds of going to the supermarket :-P

Dinner! Even supermarket chicken here are soooo yummy! This one is from Woolworths

Boomberang souvenir for Nick and a friend
I actually also shopped A LOT that day!!!! Weeeee!!! Super duper happy :-D

My loots!!!!!!!

I'm a super happy shopper in Australia coz 1. I'm either a S or XS (woo hoo!!!!) and the quality is good while prices are affordable :-D

Mummy's luggage VS My luggage :-P....I think I'm adopted, or I just get all my bad habit from my dad...yup, it's FROM my dad!

And the Best-est part of Gold Coast which I miss oh-so-much is this......

PSYCHIC TV!!!!!!!!
SUPER INTERESTING!!!! I am glued on the TV every night watching this :-P
I found out that the 3 most Egoistical Zodiac Sign are Aries, Taurus & Gemini...True true??

More of Gold Coast coming up :-D

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