Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AUSTRALIA TRAVEL 2012: Melbourne City Tour, Food, Crown Casino & trip to the Fortune Teller

I always complain of people not being grateful....However, I should deliver to the Universe what I want to attract back. Hence, I pledge to express gratitude in all my blog post from this day forward :-)

Today I am grateful that:-

~My koh koh (older brother) sponsored my Car Servicing this month :-D though his motive was to borrow my car to go to Cameron Highlands this coming weekend~

Woke up at 9am and was suppose to meet up with Melissa Yang, one of my fellow Malaysia's Hottest Blogger members but unfortunately, she fell sick...

Woke Calvin up and after freshening up, we headed to Middle Park for Breakfast.

Calvin with his Alexander Mcqueen Fleece Jumper which he was super in love with...
My saviour! After it started raining dogs and cats....and apparently, I haven't seen the WORST of Melbourne weather yet.

It rained on the way there but thank god I brought along the Valley Girl rain coat that Calvin gave me and we shared the raincoat ala Lion Dance style  when it started raining....with us holding the raincoat above us like a roof and him walking in front while I was walking behind.....super funny sight I tell you!!!!

Ate aggs benedict at Mart 130 which is actually one of the tram stop...

Cute & Quaint little cafe :-)
The wind was CRAZYYYYYY that day....and at one point Calvin suggested we sit outside for a bit (while he has a smokey)....I swear I almost got hypothermia....
Calvin's Chocolatey Drink
My CHAI LATTE as usual :-D
Inside, it was SUPER WARM & COSY....felt sooo sleepy just sitting there...
My Organic Eggs Benedict with Ham
Calvin had Scrambled egg with Sour dough bread and sausage...
Both of us were indulging in "Il dolce farniente" – the sweetness of doing nothing for 3-4 hours just chatting away....we didn't really had the chance to just sit down and let our minds wonder and reminiscene the past since Calvin was busy working and I was busy being a tourist...hahah!!
Calvin and I then ordered Chamomile Tea & the honey came in this cute honey jar :-)
What was this again??? Lemon Tart? :-S

Mart 130
107 Canterbury Road 
Middle Park VIC 3206, Australia
(03) 9690 8831

After sitting down and being a lazy pig for so long, we decided to start walking....actually we took the tram and headed to DFO (Factory Outlet) one more time to see whether I could get myself anymore goodies before I leave Melbourne. I wasn't satisfied with just buying 3 pairs of heels there on my previous visit but I still ended up empty handed :-(
Sorry for the super blur pic...but it says that DFO is opened 7 days a week from 10am till 6pm...Yay!!!
Spotted A LOT of China tourist in this place and there were buying so many pairs of Uggs....like seriously???
We then headed back to the heart at the city and walked around a bit....

Attempting that "Lookbook" thingy that all my young girlfriends are obsessed with...Wait....I'm young too :-D
and since it's a requirement. Here's the list of my outfit...
Biker Chick Jacket-Valley Girl, New Zealand
Blue Maxi Dress-Valley Girl, New Zealand

Light Blue Studded Flats-Bangkok, Thailand :-) 
Love the architecture of Royal Arcade...
Headed to this Witchcraft & Spells place called Spellbox...

Calvin & I both had a Fortune Teller reading. On 2 separate days though. Initially, I was just accompanying Calvin since I already had my "Year of the Dragon" Fortune Reading back in Malaysia. But after Calvin told me what the Fortune teller/palmist told him, I had an "itchy backside" :-P

So I thought, Considering I've studied Astrology & Feng Shui in New Zealand & Malaysia, why not do some "field research" and gather more knowledge + compare the skills of the Fortune Tellers (Australia vs Malaysia)

Using a combination of palm reading & Tarot cards, here was what the fortune teller told me :-)

1. Thick mountain of Venus means that I'm Romantic :-)
2. Flexible Thumbs means that I'll Travel A lot this lifetime!!! Hurrah!!!
3. Quite Fertile...lmao...will be able to have more than 2 kids
4. Excellent Communication Skills
5. Intelligent, Spiritual and Loves Music
6. Jane of all trades. Thus, there are multiple success lines
7. There's money making opportunities in 2012 & 2013-money come money come to mama :-D
8. Apparently, someone "faraway" (faraway from Melbourne) misses me a lot :-S.....

I told her wouldn't have been my family missing me la, they are appreciating the "quiet" life without me at home :-P  I usually entertain them with my Opera singing...:-P Secret admirer? Ho ho ho!

I know the descriptions above are quite vague. I also not that noob la to be conned so easily okay. She did reveal some sensitive & personal stuff  that will not be mentioned here for obvious reasons. 

At one point, she said something which really pierced through my heart and I immediately broke down in front of her :-( and I NEVER cry in front of my strangers and even my BEST girlfriends have only seen me cry once at most :-S Only my big black diary( locked in a secret location) will ever know :-P

After that, we went to home to rest for a bit  :-D

I can't remember the name of this building...would somebody tell me? :-)
Later that night, we headed to Mezzo for dinner. Mezzo is a Sicilian restaurant where Adrian use to work at. He was a chef there :-D But due to some painful "unfortunate incident" he's no longer working there :-P

Calvin started making silly faces while waiting for our food
Followed by Morgan
and Adrian got infected too!
Too bad...:-P No silly face from me...

Strawberry Tonic

The highly recommeded pork belly which Adrian ordered for himself was superb!!!!
Morgan's Lamb
Salted Calamari
Beef Meatballs!!!
Apparently, the Tiramisu here ain't that nice already according to Adrian.....I second that, it was so-so :-S


35 Little Bourke Street 
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
(03)9650 0988

Flinders street station at night :-D
After that, we all had to split as Calvin needed to get to work, so the boys & I headed to Crown Casino to look see for a bit....
I reckon Macau's Casino are wayyyy nicer...would love to go to Las Vegas one day though :-D
Ang moh bf...lol...jokes!
The cold strong wind was blowing like crazy that night...so we headed into this warm heated bar...
and I had yummy HOT Chocolate while the boys had Beer! Adrian shout-ed us after winning 20 bucks at the Casino...Weeeee!!!...*Shout over this side of the world means Belanja...
World Restaurant & Bar,
4/2 Riverside Quay
Southbank VIC 3006, Australia
(03)9690 6999

***Couldn't remember was this the night where I "langgar-ed" a.k.a walked into the glass balcony or was it the night before? LOLOL....inside story :-P Don't ask =__="

The next day, I woke up rather early to attend the ANZAC day parade. But it started raining again before we even started to head out...
Gangsta :-P "Wanna Fight ar?"
Possum Fur Coat-Calvin's
Black long sleeved top-Factorie, New Zealand
Leopard print dress-Taipei, Taiwan
Thick Brown Thighs-Bangkok, Thailand
Black Boots-Hannah's, New Zealand
Yellow Bag-Calvin's 
Just realised how much I love to shop overseas :-) I almost NEVER shop in Malaysia...seriously! I'm just too busy! and I know the chances of me bumping to another person wearing the same outfit in Malaysia is high, so might as well just shop overseas :-D
Camwhore-d for a bit at the Train Station while waiting for the train....coz we barely missed the train as I was in high heeled boots :-P I can't afford to trip and die ok...

He actually loves it :-S

Took a train to Flinders st/Federation square....

Stalls selling flowers for the ANZAC day memorial

The ex-army men were parading in cars. Good for them and what a GREAT Plan B as it was still raining heavily.

*Duck lips* :-P You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh eh~~

Stopped by a bakery...and what was a BIG GIANT mirror doing there???
This eggs tarts are really good...Can't remember the name of the Bakery and all I know is it's in Chinatown :-D

Headed to Dragon Boat for Dim Sum a.k.a DIm Sim a.k.a Yum Cha....Initially wanted to go to Crystal Jade but it wasn't opened yet...

Tau Foo Fah
Mango Pudding
Dragon Boat

203 Little Bourke Street 
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
(03)9662 2733

After brunch, we went to David Jones for a bit to survey the Facial Products there. My friend Calvin swear by Kiehls. I have yet to try out their products on a long term basis but has tried their samples....

Despite being super stuffed from Brunch, we headed to Hopetoun Tea Room

Hopetoun Tea Room was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt like a kid again staring at the glass window. The cakes & pastries all look surprising very "glossy".

Remember when I visited the Hello Kitty Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan? and I was swooning like crazy????

This place will definitely make you go SWOONNN plus YUMZZZZ :-D

Ordered Chai Chai Chai Tea instead of my usual Chai Latte 
For the tea :-D
Pashka-A form of Russian Dessert that is only made when it's around Easter
Creme Brulee...this was YUMMEHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

The Tea leaves they use...you can buy some home too :-)

Hopetoun Tea Rooms
282 Collins Street 
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
(03)9650 2777

Headed home after that and chatted with Huy Ming for a bit....because after that, it was....


Was super nice having housemates even if it was just for a week :-) and of coz, if by luck you'd get really great housemates la :-)
Took a pic of my animal print dress  at the airport while waiting for my flight to Gold Coast :-)
Thank you for this box of chocs Adrian :-) Though there's still half a box left in the fridge :-P
Was Emo......but this beautiful view made my mood better :-)
Thank you Calvin, Adrian, Morgan & Huy Ming for Housing me, Clothing me, Feeding me & Entertaining me throughout my 1 week trip in Melbourne.....I can't decide whether I actually fell in love with Melbourne itself or with you guys :-) Will wait for you all back here in Malaysia. Till we meet again :-) xoxo Sarah


Eileen said...

If i'm not mistaken, State Parliament House near Parliament Train Station.
And Maxims Cake and Pastry in Chinatown. Pretty good egg tarts!

Glad you enjoyed Melbourne =)

Sarah May Low said...

Thank you for letting me know the name of those places! Have updated it :-) Love the place sooo much I wish that I can actually afford to live there :S

Calvin said...

Oh babe! I miss you so much! Come by again soon! Just read the post after a month! Haha.

But I do miss you! I will be back for CNY, hope to see you there!

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