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AUSTRALIA TRAVEL 2012: Melbourne's St.Kilda Beach, Lygon Street & House Party

Super FML as I woke up late again T__T...Thanks to Wine & my Long Long Island the night before Part 3: Australia Trip...The initial plan was to meet up with Calvin after work (he works night shift) and head to Camberwell market and also the Sunday Art Market....So yea...I missed it!!! and Camberwell market is one of the recommended touristy thing to do in Melbourne T__T

So after Calvin reached home and started snoozing, Adrian was such a sweetheart to take me out for lunch....we were both starving by then!


Headed to Albert Park for the Super Famous Andrews Burger but...Lo and Behold.....It was CLOSED!!!!


It doesn't open on Sundays!!! By then, I was super sad and hungry that I wanted to kill someone and eat them whole already......

Adrian and I walked across the street like a Zombie to look for food.....unfortunately, most cafe weren't serving breakfast and it wasn't time for their dinner menu yet....it was 3-ish pm and the kitchen was closed.....DEFUG???

We settled for Dundee Place Cafe....we just couldn't care anymore and just wanted the taste of food in our mouth....

Chai Latte!!!! My favouriteeeee!!! yumsss!!!

Just as we started ordering, it started raining heavily....The battered fries that came with Adrian's burger was DELISH!!! But my clam + chorizo chowder was....=__=" I didn't want to stuff myself silly with food and we were going for dinner with the rest of the housemates after that....

After the late late lunch, the rain stopped...YAY!!! Or not I would have to give another touristy destination a pass....

Some random old looking building which is actually pretty good for a photoshoot :-)

We walked by Victoria College of Arts, and I felt kinda sad when Adrian told me " you should have studied here"...just brought back memories of me letting go of my dreams years back due to monetary reasons...but I'm going to start my Masters in Performing Arts (Dance) soon! Nothing is ever late I guess! Life is just not worth living without a dream and ambition...

So to St.Kilda's we go :-)

Was trying to make it to St.Kilda by sunset but the sun was already gone by then....Fortunately, the sky was beautiful after the rain and there was still some sunbeam left :-)

This looks like one of those Horror Movie Theme Park...maybe on some place called Fantasy Island? :-P Sooo Scooby Dooby Doo!!!

This looks sooo Miami...from the pictures...never been there myself though I would love too :-D

Goodbye World!!!
I believe I can fly~~~

This Tram is supposedly a moving "Tram Restaurant" really interesting concept though I heard the food ain't that great :-S
After chilling a bit at St. Kilda, Adrian and I headed to Lygon Street to meet up with the boys for dinner

Lygon street is a famed "Italian street" but apparently, most shops there aren't allowed to sell fresh salami anymore (they once use to)...

Had dinner at the famous Ying Thai 2 :-D Calvin & Morgan was there pretty early so once we arrived, we didn't need to wait long for a table
Ying Thai 2 is a Thai Food restaurant though I know I should be having Italian since I'm at a famed Italian district but oh wells, Melbourne is a city full of Paradox and fusion of cultures :-)

My Favourite Dish at Ying Thai was their GREEN CHICKEN CURRY....Though the curry looked watery but it was still full with coconut milk flavour and spices....yum yum!!!

Typical Malaysian way of drinking soup...with RICE!!! Lol!!!

Calvin ordered the Milk Tea for me and he said I "just had to try it!" He was right! It was yumsss!!! It doesn't taste like the typical chinese milk tea but more "teh tarik-ish", sweeter and somehow has that Carrot Milk texture :-)

There's also Killiney Kopitiam here btw, the same ones you can find back home in Malaysia...just more expensive :-S
The boys also recommended this gelato place which they say was famous too!!!

Adrian told me to get their Durian gelato...but after having a taste of it, I think the Durian Ais Krim Potong back in Malaysia taste much better....

That stupid Asian staff you see there was in such a super PMS mode!!!! Should have listened to Adrian when he asked me to get a taste test from the Ang Moh girl instead...Damn that boy has 6th sense :-S

The Ang Moh girl was all friendly and letting me taste quite a few as ALL of it looked interesting (not my fault, you all make it look so nice for what la? :-P) and that Asian chick told me "Only 2 tasting per person only"

Kanasai!!! What customer service is this? May you go back to China and ROT though she actually sounded more Malaysian/ Singaporean :-S I curse that you'd stay ugly till the extend NO GELATO place in Australia wants to employ you!!!!

Hell hath no fury as a Sarah scorned....Thank you :-D

In the end, I went with a medium cup of their Baileys, Vanilla Crunch & Roche

After Ice-cream we took a long walk back to the heart of this city and after parting ways with Calvin (as he had to go to work), The boys and I headed for the supermarket for more booze to drink back home....

While I was playfully hitting Morgan after that Ang Moh playfully slapped me with his mittens a.k.a winter gloves....SHIET HAPPENED!!!!!!!

My dress got caught on the escalator as we were going down to the supermarket at QV.....!!!!!!

All I could say was "shiet! shiet! shiet!" and tried tugging over and over again but to no avail..........Everyone was looking at me and wondering why was this girl being such a drama queen...

In the end, Adrian stopped the escalator by pressing the magic red button and because my dress was still stuck I allowed Adrian to RIP MY DRESS!!! Lucky B*st*rd!!! Though he's actually my saviour....:-D #Forevergrateful

I'm surprised  though that I actually got MY KARMA for hitting Morgan though he was the one that attacked me with his Mittens of Fury first =__=" asshole!!!

Back home, after a few glasses of wine, everyone started to act funny....Can't stop laughing at the image when it came to my head....Huy Ming's Umbrella Dance and Morgan also gave us a violin performance!!!

The Best part was, while tipsy, I managed to beat the boys in Bowling on WII!!! Woo hoo!! Though I lost in a dancing game....idiots....

For payback of Tasting Morgan's "Mittens of Fury"... Here's a video of Morgan playing the violin....though I was drunk classical singing in the background and asking random questions like "Do you have rough fingers from playing the violin?"

and this was me tipsy on alcohol...I can only imagine what I'd be if I was high on w**d....Enjoy!!!


Woke up at 12.20pm the next day.... Adrian cooked scrambled eggs, calamari, chicken breast and hash brown....Interesting choice of breakfast I know! but that was what we found in the fridge :-D

Then chit chatted a bit in the living hall as the weather was gloomy....

Adrian cooking...Do not disturb, or you'll see some flying knives

Scrambled eggs

They live near an old Saleyard...I assume its a place where they use to sell cattles???

The boys
After that we headed to the Asian supermarket to buy groceries for the steamboat house party that night!!! :-D Thank god this uncle at the supermarket eavesdropped at my conversation when I insisted on having Tom Yum steamboat....after I walked to another aisle....that uncle introduced a brand of Tom Yum paste to Adrian and it was sooo YUMMMM!!!!

Then to the liquor store near woolworths XD
"Brewing" some tom yum soup :-D

We bought a packet of this and finished it before the party started!!! Coz we were super hungry and it's super addictive!!!!
Morgan's friends Ian & Patrick also came over to join us for the feast

Calvin got drunk on this...
After dinner it was GAME TIME!!! But Morgan friends were PHAIL.COM...=__=" wasted our efforts planning games to play the night before....

All the guys wanted to do was chat, drink, smoke.....and Calvin & Huy Ming fell asleep!!!! Calvin coz he can't drink so he KO-ed already and Huy Ming coz she was exhausted from Uni....

Grrrrrr!!!!  But here were all the activities that we managed to do =D
Put your hands in the air like you just don't care :-P
Some monyet dance :-P

Limbo Rock :--D
Loved being young and having crazy fun in Melbourne....sometimes I wonder why am I working sooo hard at being an adult :-P

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