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NEW ZEALAND WORKING HOLIDAY 2011: South Island Dunedin Adventure at St.Clair Beach

Here's my New Zealand South Island "Adventure" 8 months ago!!! I better start blogging about it before I lose all memory/recollection of what happened...LOL!

This South Island trip was in planning for MONTHS!!! Together with 2 girlfriends Juwinn & Sharon who fortunately clicked really well on that bout me? Oh well, I was a bit of a pain-in-the-ass-dominatrix......I'm really grateful for my girls for being patient and kind-hearted. I guess you'll never really know someone until you live with them or go on a trip with them.....

I apologize on toes that I have stepped on but my anxiousness of missing flights, rides, tours got the better of me :-S

Here is a tale of the 3 musketeers! From AUCKLAND to DUNEDIN, OTAGO (also known as the Edinburgh of the South)

Yes...4th Dec!
Rainy day that rains all the time in Auckland...doesn't matter whether it's winter or summer...

Juwinn, me & Sharon...this was when I gained sooo much weight my face became round...luckily now slim edi :-P

Upon arrival, all these beautiful mountains greeted us :-D We immediately went over to the car rental section of the airport to rent a car....due to good luck and also my awesome negotiation skills, we managed to rent a car for 3 days and 1/2 of what we were expecting to pay :-D
Our lil "Myvi-sh" car :-D
If you think this is beautiful, you haven't seen the rest of New Zealand yet :-)

Was designated driver for the whole trip as I was the most "experienced" in driving around New Zealand after living there for 6 months
Anyhow, I've gotten some guidance on how to plan these trip from other bloggers/backpackers....couldn't really remember the sites as it was oh-so-long ago but I did "borrow" some information from those sites which I am grateful from the bottom of my heart as overall, the notes with I printed out (2-inch thick!) did help this trip become much smoother than expected...

Before I move on to Day 1 of my trip, I would like to give credits to Sharon Lum & Juwinn Tan for their AWESOME photography skills & also photographs :-)

First stop was St. Clair Beach!

Oooo La sexy!

St. Clair Beach is Dunedin’s most popular beach destination. The beach is only about a 10-minute drive from the city center, and a walk along the promenade is a perfect way to start out your second day in Dunedin.

We stopped by a Fish & Chip shop to takeaway lunch as we were super starved! I discovered it was the CHEAPEST fish & chip shop throughout my 7 months living in New Zealand...can't exactly recall the price but I believe it was NZD$3-3.50 for the fish and the chips were only NZD$1.50-2....altogether it's only RM10-12 per meal!!!

You wouldn't see it in the picture, but the girls and I were surrounded by pesky seagulls who were attempting to attack us or our food...>__<" and I was soooo excited to see seagulls when I first touchdown in New Zealand....

Random girl who dressed funny but had a cute bf :-S

At the playground area near the beach

Was expecting Baywatch-ish lifeguards...but turned out to be "Ah Pek" Lifeguards...:-S
Treasure Hunting....or burying a something :-S

Loved this artsy and artistic shot while we were walking back to the car :-D

Part 2 coming up!!! More beautiful pictures of South Island:-D

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