Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MALAYSIA LANGKAWI TRAVEL 2013: Kuah Town & Oriental Village

Straight up, Langkawi is terribly boring to me...dirty sea, a lot of tourist spots are not well maintained, expensive cafes...but if you are heading to Langkawi, there's one thing you really need to do-DUTY FREE SHOPPING!!! and what items in particular? These:-
1. Perfumes 
(especially miniatures for collection)
2. Liquor 
(especially miniature bottles of hard liquor for collection)
3. Chocolates

There's also an Al-Ikhsan sports shop that sells discounted sports wear too according to my friend. It is located in Kuah Town.
A day trip for shopping is sufficient. We rented a car and headed to town for some sightseeing
 Yacht "parking bay"
 This was supposed a "very good" Pan mee place in Langkawi. I tried the spinach flavoured one...just's located at the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) area of Kuah town. It is 40 minutes away from our resort.

 After brunch, the shopping begins :-D :-D :-D
Perfumes here are about RM50-RM100 bucks cheaper (depending on the brand) than KL

 So is liquor, This is only RM53

 One of the things I regret not buying/drinking throughout my South Korea trip...apparently, it is super cheap and taste really good. The ones available in Korea I mean.
 Bought this one instead at RM53
 Stock up on chocolates while you are here.
 We did some price comparison, compared to the duty free shops available at Kuah town. The prices at these shops were cheaper

Do shop at this area, just 10 mins from town at Hotel Langkasuka
 Super hot and sunny day...
 discovered a super delicious jelly banana ice-cream
 We then headed to the oriental village. This place is located near the cable car area.
 A good place to walk around though the souvenirs here are crazy expensive

 Group picture!
 We headed to Bolaven Cafe for lunch
 Famous for their "live tiger" display
 The cafe was super full and we had to wit for 15 minutes before we got a table

 The Tiger was hiding somewhere inside. No pictures but I'm a rebel :-P
 The coffee and food here is crazy expensive!!!

 Carrot Cake-RM12

This sandwich was pathetic :-(

 Some fake Naminara island "wannabee" section :-P

 My shopping loot of the day!!! This costed me RM400!!! :-O

 One final picture at the resort before heading to the airport...

 In Love this Taiwan Lychee beer too!!! Let me know if you know where to get this is KL :-D

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