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SINGAPORE TRAVEL 2013: Bugis, Wild Honey, Orchard Road, 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken & Kwan Im Temple

After attending the grand opening of Aruku The Walk the night before, I decided to head to Singapore via Larkin Bus Station during the Easter Weekend :-)
One way ticket to Singapore (Bugis)=RM3.30!!! Yes, some things are still crazily cheap :-D Seriously, what can you buy with 3 bucks nowadays? :-S
I would have to admit though that the journey to Singapore via bus is not for the faint hearted/spoilt princessy types....Thank god I'm a tough ass chick :-D All I need is just my flip flops, my leopard print hat and a backpacker bag for me to get around and explore.
People heading towards Singapore and vice versa back to Malaysia are required to go through 2 customs and also fill up some forms at the border. Please make sure you prepare your own PEN!!! You are required to get out of your bus (together with your luggage and belongings), go through the customs as quick as possible and then catch your bus at the other side. Often, slow people like me, an ang moh (caucasian) lady and a few other aunties would miss our bus...but fret not! just wait for the next bus from the same company (keep your tickets!) and you can board it to your destination :-)
Arrived at Bugis and checked-in at Bugis's IBIS HOTEL on Bencoolen street. Right opposite Nanyang School of performing arts. My Best Friend who is based in Singapore recommended this hotel to me and helped me book it. I think it was about RM600 for 2 nights...not cheap I know! But extremely convenient I must say.
Clean with extremely good customer service!

There's even a cafe, Guardian pharmacy and 7 Eleven located in the same building.
The BESTEST part is that it is walking distance to A LOT of shopping areas like the BUGIS street, Kwan Im Temple, BUGIS MRT and there's even a Bus stop right in front of the hotel...IBIS better pay me to be their ambassador wei!!! :-P
Went shopping on my own as my best friend was actually in transit back to Singapore from Malaysia. I found that the clothing price is on par with Sungei Wang, even after conversion!!! and the trends are so much more "IN" and "BOOMS"!!!
My first meal here was YOSHINOYA Beef with Brown Rice...I've always loved YOSHINOYA!!! Was pretty upset that they closed down in Malaysia. I had to satisfy my YOSHINOYA cravings while travelling in Taiwan & Shanghai...

Stocked up on some Korean Facial Mask which was so-so...The best mask I've ever tried was the brand Naruko...if any of you know how I can get discounts if I buy in large quantity let me know :-P
Diet coz I knew I was gonna be stuffed silly the next few days :-P
I love that the Yakult here comes in different flavours...just like Vitagen :-)
Next morning, my best friend woanting met up with me at the hotel and we headed to Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery in Orchard Road by MRT.
They have 2 branches. The other one is located at Scotts Square in Scotts Road.
By memory, we arrived at around 11-ish am and there was already a longgggg waiting line. But thankfully there were seats for us to sit down and wait...waited for about 20 minutes before our turn :-)
We were required to look at the menu while lining up so that we would already have our orders in mind once we reach the cashier (orders are not taken at the table. but will be sent to your table) however, the ipads were super slow...Zzzzz...
Our little corner :-) See all the other people sitting outside waiting for their turn?
I've been having crazy waffles & pancakes cravings for the past 2 months before heading to Singapore and Wild Honey was highly recommended by my facebook friends :-)
Woanting ordered latte
and Portobello Road a.k.a eggs benedict on portobello mushrooms

and me...PANCAKES!!! with Bacon, Honey and Raspberry jam 

Cannot remember the exact name of this...I think it was Queen Bee or something...basically a Raspberry Slush :-)
Wild Honey is Located at:-

Mandarin Gallery, 333 Orchard Road, Tel +65 6235 3900


6 Scott's Square, #03-01, Scotts Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6636 1816

Walked around orchard road for a bit after that...filled with shops that sells luxury branded items...already used up my Luxury bag budget during my UK & Europe trip :-S

Walked till my feet bleed...nah...just some I know why Singaporeans are healthier than Malaysian...they walk everywhere and we drive everywhere...won't complain though...our land too big :-S
Got myself some Lady Gaga-ish jelly slippers at Rubi (sister company of Cotton On that sells shoes and of my favourite place to shop while in New Zealand & Australia) 
I specifically told my Best Friend that my MAIN aim for this trip is to EAT all the GOOD FOOD in Singapore
She then brought me here...4 Fingers Crispy Chicken...Apparently, (from what I read online) this korean fried chicken dish is booming in Singapore! It first started with a kiosk and now it's a restaurant and have a few other competitors all around Singapore too!

This was how long the line was...Thank you so much to my best friend for lining up while I "chop" (book) a table for us :-)

So after placing your order, just like in Snowflake, they will provide a UFO looking device that would light up once your order is ready. Just pick your food from the counter attached to the kitchen :-)

You would be able to choose different toppings and flavours for your chicken and fries. We got ourselves seaweed fries and soy chicken...I think Kimchi flavour is also available :-)

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is located at:-
2 Orchard Turn #B4-06A
ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

Coincidentally, It was also kuan yin birthday that Easter weekend
So woanting and I headed to the kwan im hood cho temple as it was located just behind my hotel. The temple was FULL with people (the picture above was taken the next day when there were less people)
Woanting praying for a good career and husband :-P gave her some Sailormoon eyes coz her eyes were actually shut in this picture...all hail modern technology :-D

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