Thursday, May 2, 2013

SINGAPORE TRAVEL 2013: Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, Marina Bay Sands & Wala Wala (Holland Village)

So after eating eating eating as mentioned in my Singapore trip Part 1 Blog post...we continued eating somemore at Hai Di Lao Hot Pot :-D

Hai Di Lao Huo Guo, or Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (海底捞火锅), is a chain of hot pot restaurants founded in Sichuan Province, China in 1994. At an early phrase, it was a small shop selling "hot and spicy soup"(麻辣烫)". Apparently it has won many awards for having one of the Best customer service. The picture above shows the waiting area for customers. Be PREPARED to WAIT if you arrive (for dinner after 5pm) I had to wait for 1 hour 15 minutes before I could finally get a seat T__T
But fret not, there are loads of complimentary snacks, fruits and drinks provided to entertain us! I love fruits...can't say no to my favourite longans :-D
As the wait for super long, I had more longans :-D
While waiting, you would be provided with a "waiting" number. There's even a room where you can opt to get your manicure done. Just provide your waiting number and phone number. So that they would call you once it's your turn. Really long waiting line though. They only called us after 3 HOURS!!! We were already done eating by then and was in the taxi heading towards our next location.
If your sunglasses or spectacles are dirty, there would be a machine provided to you to wash/clean it. Don't know how does it actually work as I did not try it myself. Now you know how they won so many awards?
Ahhh!!! Finally our turn!!! So, I realised that Ipads are really famous in Singapore for taking orders. The menu here is available in Chinese and English. Just key in your orders and quantity and pass it to the waitresses there. 
The drinks here are refillable. I ordered sour plum juice. Couldn't remember what the other choices were but if you don't like the taste you can request for another flavour :-)

There was also a selection of soup base for you to choose from. Considering it's a franchise from the "spicy" district of China a.k.a Sichuan province, definitely the "Mala" flavour would be one of the choices available. But unfortunately, I have a "delicate" tongue and can't take spicy food. So we choose the Seafood & Chicken soup base flavour.

Here was what we selected...Just for 2 PERSON!!!

My best friend mentioned that I'm a "small eater" which kinda shocked me a little as back in high school, she only has 1 uncle toby   bar and she is usually busy talking and chit chatting during recess that she hardly finishes her cereal/snack bar by the time the bell rings (at the end of recess). Times has changed. Despite our 15 years of friendship, I believe that you'll never know someone till you spend LOADS of time with them and travel with the end of the trip, after seeing all their good side and bad side than you can really make judgement of who they really are...I believe this goes for all friendship and romantic relationship :-)
Also a selection of sauces for your to choose from...This was only 5 out of 30 types of sauces!!! Ok I guess I exaggerated, there were actually like....25?
HOHOHO!!! I believe this was the BESTEST part of our hot pot dinner!!! LA MIEN KUNG FU!!! Enjoy the video :-)
I really believe this dude is a natural performer! He knows where the camera is! Always teasing us girls!

We were also spoilt with loads of choices of desserts

More Longan! Weeeee!!!
Nuts! This was supposed to be appetizer I believe, but it was all on the same counter with the desserts & sauces.

In the end, we couldn't finish our food. Fortunately, those raw food items can be "tah pao-ed" (taken away). So it became part of my best friend's grocery for the week :-D

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot can be found at:-

#02-04 Clarke Quay (3D River Valley Rd.)

Phone: +65 6337 8626 (reservations can only be made at certain hours of the day...mostly before the peak like lunch time & dinner time)

So after stuffing ourselves silly the whole day, we decided you really really REALLY need to walk around for a bit (women and our feeling of guilt after eating too much ya'know?) around Clarke Quay and headed to our next destination.
All details in the picture. Too lazy to type it all out :-P
A model of Marina Bay Sands.
The lookout point closes at 10pm and we made it there at 9.30pm. So just had 30 minutes to look see look see and take pictures...
Being a Feng Shui enthusiast, my bestie told me that the 2 shell-like arch represents the head of the dragon as the river below actually runs all the way to the north (Thailand/Cambodia/Myanmar/Vietnam....I couldn't remember >__<")

Gardens at the bay was constructed in the shape of trees because that area required "yang" energy and trees are "yang"

Let the rest of the pictures do the talking on the night view :-)

The infamous Louis Vuitton outlet that EVERYONE loves taking wedding pictures in front seriously? Free advertising? =__=" Zzzzz....

Decided to go au naturale with no makeup...since the chances of a person recognizing me in Singapore would be needed to breath from all those makeup :-S

My friend told me that her grandmother said that if the moon at night appears to be orange-y in color like the yolk of a duck egg, it will be scorching hot the next day. We'll find out whether this folk/grandma's tale is true the next day :-)
Said my goodbyes to my bestie and on my own, I headed to Holland village to meet up with another friend Apple/JJ :-)
Holland Village is a bit like Changkat Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur but with less pub/bar/lounge, wider roads and more posh-er crowd. 

Wala wala is usually "the place to go" at Holland Village. Was suppose to do some "young people" activity and go clubbing at MINK club but unfortunately the guest list was full :-(

Girls night out! :-)

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

Wala wala cafe bar
31 Lorong Mambong Singapore 277689
Tel: +65 6462 4288

Overall, I may not like a few aspect of Singapore that much and I've once worked with a Controlling Psychotic Singaporean boss but the fact is I absolutely love how safe Singapore is compared to Malaysia and that it is better raising kids here compared Malaysia. We can even leave our bags on our seats at restaurants and not worry that someone with a gigantic parang (meat cleaver) would come into the restaurant and rob us. After my night out, I took a cab back to my hotel...only irritating part was that the taxi driver kept on promoting his MLM know, those pills where you can become wonder woman after consuming! But other than that, I knew and felt safe and arrived back at my hotel in one piece :-)


Unknown said...

hey, May I know how to go to Marina Bay Sands Hotel's top that look like a ship?
cause I heard that we are not allowed to go to the top of the hotel if we don't stay there. thanks :)

Sarah May Low said...

You can go up dear :-) Just not the swimming pool section (only reserved for guest)the ticket price is as per my picture in the blog :-) Have fun!

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