Friday, May 3, 2013

SINGAPORE TRAVEL 2013: Put Chai Gao, Merlion, Skinny Pizza's "Squid Ink Pizza"

I know I know, I keep on Salivating on my keyboard looking at all these food pictures but ya, Eating is one of my favourite hobbies :-D 

Many people, both Singaporeans and Malaysians have told me that the best Singaporean Food are at the Food Courts and Hawkers. Albeit not being the princessy type, I still am a "puteri lilin" (a person who cannot stand heat & hot weather)...I absolutely hate it when I'm dressed pretty, smell nice & have set my hair perfectly and It'll all be ruined in a mere 30 minutes at a super hot and humid place....Grrrr!!!
So my best friend met up with me again at my hotel and headed to Albert Food Court just behind the hotel...This is by far the BEST "put chai gao" I've ever tasted in my FREAKING LIFE!!!!! It's unlike the ones you find in Malaysia, the ones in Singapore is tinier and a lot more oilier but OH SO DAMN GOOD! But apparently, these still weren't the best in Singapore. According to my bestie, the best ones can only be reached my car (driving there) yea, no car=no BEST "put chai gao" for me :-(
accompanied with Kopi Bing (Iced Coffee)
Albert Food Court
Address: 270 Queen Street, Blk 270, Singapore 180270
Getting there: Nearest MRT Station: Bugis (EW12)

Operating Hours: Daily, 8am till late.
After breakfast, I felt guilty from eating too much so we took the MRT and took a walk around Singapore...
Marina Bay Sands during the day time..

Remember I mentioned in my Part 2: Singapore trip blog post about the moon looking orange-y?
It was SCORCHING HOT that day!!! Verdict: The myth is true!
My favourite picture of the day, Thanks to my camerawoman's skill :-D

Went back to the hotel to check out and collect my stuff as my flight back to Kuala Lumpur was at 4pm
Some ugly random bag which I borrowed from my older brother coz my mum donated all my other bags to the orphanage....Zzzzz
Had lunch first before heading to the airport
My bestie knows I always love trying new and interesting food so she brought me here! Skinny pizza's specialty is their squid ink pizza. It's called skinny pizza not because it is some sort of healthy diet food but because the pizza is super thin-crust! It's like a gigantic piece of nachos topped with pizza toppings!
Also had sausages and pineapple juice there too!

Skinny Pizza can be found at
Wheelock Place #03-04, 
501 Orchard Road, (S)238880Tel: 6235 7823 

This marks the end of my "food" trip though there were SO MANY other food that I have not tried and places that I have not been too...But I know I'll be back in a few months time after settling some "business" in KL :-)

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