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VIETNAM HANOI TRAVEL 2014: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoen Kiem Lake & Old Quarter Pub Street

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If you would like to visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, do check out the opening hours and opening days as it is not open the entire day and everyday. They are also really strict and would not allow you to enter even if you're 5 minutes late...
Please also remember to dress "appropriately". By appropriately, I meant no sleeveless top, short pants or mini skirt...Keep your look "decent"

VIETNAM HANOI: Vietnamese Street Food, Ngoc Son Temple & Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre Show

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Left home at 6am and arrived at the airport before 7am. We did not check-in any baggage as we only had hand carry so I headed to the self check-in and printed out our own tickets. Simple easy peasy...If there's one thing I love about KLIA2 and Airasia is the speedy process. Keep it up! :-D
As we had ample time to waste before our 9am flight we decided to have breakfast at this Baba Nyonya Cuisine Cafe

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FOOD REVIEW: Movie Night at Indulge @ TGV, 1 Utama

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Finally visited Indulge (only available at TGV 1 Utama at the moment) after wanting to watch a movie there for the longest time!!! Always, it wasn't the right movie or time. After high ratings from my colleagues from on the movie Interstellar by Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, I decided to go check it out the the theaters as I was in 1 Utama only to find out their Indulge was showing Interstellar at a suitable timing!!!!! It was FATED :-D We'll talk more about FATE later when I review the movie down below :-)
 A very comfy area for customers to wait at while the staff was preparing the hall :-)

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CHINA TRAVEL 2012: Wuxi City Tour (Three Kingdom City, Pearl Shop Direct Selling, Lihu Central Park)

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So everyday on this trip we were on standby to go to a new location at 8am. Today we will head to Wuxi. 

One thing I love about traveling is how excited I get and how much I look forward to waking up the next day. Life is like that right? New Day, New Adventures :-) Can't wait for my next trip!
The best thing about going on a private tour is that you have the entire van/car/vehicle just for yourself!!!

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EUROPE TRAVEL 2012: Paris Champs Elyssee & Eiffel Tower

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Though I have heard of many "horror stories" of the French being snobbish and unhelpful towards tourist but I beg to differ! After arriving Paris by train from London, the best friend and I had trouble navigating to our hotel and not knowing a single french word except for "Omelet du Fromage" (Cheese Omelette) which I learned from the cartoon Dexter's Laboratory years back. Nope, Cheese Omelet wasn't helpful at all. 

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FOOD REVIEW: Lobster Seafood at The Lobsterman, SS2

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The Lobsterman Homarus Americanus....HAHAHAHAH!!!!! Really! That's the full name of this restaurant though it sounds like some kind of STD (sexually transmitted disease-just kidding!), but let me assure you that the food here is really delicious :-D

Heard of this place for the longest time and it's my first time at a restaurant that specializes in nothing else but Lobsters. The "adults" on our table were talking about Lobster sizes and how the biggest Lobsters ain't always the best. The bigger it is, The chewier the meat. Hence, the best size would be between 800gm-900gm...Though at the Lobsterman, they sell lobsters that are up to 1.8kg

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FOOD REVIEW: Ramadhan Buffet at Tonka Bean Cafe, Impiana Hotel KLCC (June 2014)

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Last year, I reviewed the same Ramadhan Buffet at the hotel and was really pleased with the selection, so I was excited to find out what they have to offer this year. 

Compared to last year, there's a slight change in the menu. One of the main highlights is the Giant Cow Bone Marrow. 

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FOOD REVIEW: Chinese Fine Dining at Ah Yat Abalone, Life Centre KL

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Started off the day with a relaxing 7-hour spa, facial and massage centre at Ossoto in Wisma Miramar with Kim and my bff Nimi. 7-hours wasn't enough for us and the buffet spread (included in the entrance fee) was so extensive! Sadly, the entrance price has increased from RM68 from Mondays to Sundays it is now RM68 on Monday to Friday and you would need to spend a minimum of RM128 for Saturdays and Sundays.

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FOOD REVIEW: Fine Dining at Ozeki, Menara TA Kuala Lumpur

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I know I'm very blessed to always have an abundance of good food to eat. Always having good food to eat is my DESTINY. No kidding. I have a mole on the left side of my torso that signifies that "I will never go hungry" and all fortune tellers that I have met (about 8-10 of them) tells me that I will always be surrounded by people who love to "feed me"....That has been very TRUE!!!

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FOOD REVIEW: Spice Market Buffet at Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa Penang

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Shangri-la's Rasa Sayang resort & spa is one of the Top hotels in Penang. Though it is old and has had a long history, it has maintained it fine costumer service and has won many awards throughout the years! In Fact, Feringghi Grill (one of their Fine Dining restaurant) is voted the BEST Fine Dining restaurant in Malaysia for 2013 by an expatriate magazine! Unfortunately we were unable to make reservations for Feringghi Grill so we headed to Spice Market Cafe for their Buffet dinner and I wasn't disappointed!

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FOOD REVIEW: Fine Dining Buffet at Hanare Japanese Cuisine, The Intermark (Revisit April 2014)

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Cha Soba
This place left a good impression when I first dined here last year *first visit* though I only manage to post about it in February :-P Initially, we headed to Acme at The Troika as I was craving for pancakes but that place was crazy packed T__T. So I got super emo as I was "hangry"=hungry + angry. But Hanare made me happy again

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FITNESS: Mount Kinabalu Hiking Experience 2013

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My Mount Kinabalu Hiking Exhibition last November 2013
Been feeling super duper emotionally as I am PMS-ing. I. HATE. IT. Cried last night not because I was upset but because I was feeling "overwhelmed"...just like a many mixed emotions, also feel like running away with some random guy and eloping or packing my bags and just travelling somewhere...PMS is no fun, usually I'm quite logical (I'm an Aquarius) But just not  today :'( so please stay away before I give you a death sentence!

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