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INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2014: 1 Day Tour Luwak Coffee, Bebek Joni (Crispy Duck) & Tampaksiring (Holy Spring)

March 05, 2014 0
When in Bali, there are various touristy things that you can do and must do. Yet, it is almost impossible to visit every location in a short 5 days 4 nights trip. So on this trip we were very selective of the places to visit so that we would not waste time. 

We hired a private driver for 10 hours at 50,000 rupiah (RM150). That is the usual rate unless you have contacts, like a girl friend of mine who is heading there for her honeymoon she got a driver for only 40,000rupiah (RM120). So really it depends on your luck.
So yea, we managed to "cramp" in 6 locations during that 10 hours. I kind of copied an itinerary I found online by a random travel agency so that I can plan where to visit and which locations are along the way :-D smart eh?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2014: Tanah Lot Temple, Kechak Dance & Fine Dining at Metis Restaurant, Seminyak

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Sorry for my blur picture...I was so excited to get into that temple that I didn't even realized my "shot" was blur :-P but yea, as per the picture above, entrance fee for Tanah Lot is 30,000 rupiah (RM 10). Tanah Lot is about 1 hour drive from Kuta. We paid our taxi 200,000rupiah (RM 60). If you can get it for cheaper you're lucky!

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