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INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2014: 1 Day Tour Luwak Coffee, Bebek Joni (Crispy Duck) & Tampaksiring (Holy Spring)

When in Bali, there are various touristy things that you can do and must do. Yet, it is almost impossible to visit every location in a short 5 days 4 nights trip. So on this trip we were very selective of the places to visit so that we would not waste time. 

We hired a private driver for 10 hours at 50,000 rupiah (RM150). That is the usual rate unless you have contacts, like a girl friend of mine who is heading there for her honeymoon she got a driver for only 40,000rupiah (RM120). So really it depends on your luck.
So yea, we managed to "cramp" in 6 locations during that 10 hours. I kind of copied an itinerary I found online by a random travel agency so that I can plan where to visit and which locations are along the way :-D smart eh?

So, the first location that I visited was the Luwak Coffee farm. I have always been curious of the "Most expensive coffee in the world"

A lot of people has been posting on Facebook on how inhumane the production of Luwak Coffee as the Luwak are caged and also in distress. But don't you dare start nagging me...I've been treated inhumanely too! Overworked and Underpaid by psychotic employers and forced to "produce" though you have been squeezed dry...I also know the feeling of being caged and in distress :'( that's how the world works unfortunately....

One of the reasons why Luwak Coffee is so expensive is because the Luwak or Civet Cat (they sometimes call it Musang too which means fox in Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia) only eats Arabica Coffee Beans. Bali also produces Coffee Beans called Bali Coffee but the Luwak is pretty smart and knows the difference between luxurious food and non-luxurious food :-P

Luwak are Night Creatures, so during the day they would be sleeping

These 2 were awake as the tourist before us woke them up.

It's food

It's poo...ermmm...yummy?

This is the "digested" beans from the Luwak that has not been processed yet.

The farm also produces a lot of other herbs too

Luwak Coffee needs to be "cooked" for at least 1 hour

In Bali, They use Durian Shells to start the fire. Not by hitting it against one another. I mean they use it as a fire starter.

It is then pounded into Coffee Powder


So we were brought into a tiny little hut to look and try their selection of Coffee and Tea

There is a selection of 7 types of coffees and 9 types of teas. Everything is free to taste except for the....

Luwak Coffee of course! You would be charged 50,000 rupiah (RM15)

There are also chickens running around. Loved the "kampung" feel of the farm :-)

Tester size coffee & tea

Luwak Coffee

We bought a couple of souvenirs from the souvenir shop and was super hungry after drinking all that tea + coffee so we headed to lunch at....

Bebek Joni restaurant...

We actually got conned as we initially told our driver that we wanted to try out the famous Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck Diner) in Ubud. I think he brought us here instead as he get a commission from this restaurant.

But I didn't really regret coming here as there are similar dishes on the menu and the view of the paddy fields are just too beautiful!!!

Price list. You're Welcome! :-)

Technically, local food is not cheap here in Bali unless you are talking about roadside/street food. So do expect to pay about 150,000 rupiah (RM40) per meal.

After ordering, we decided to take some pictures at the scenic paddy field while waiting for our food to arrive.

This is the smoked duck (Bebek Tutu). It comes with a sate lilit & vegetables on the side. The meat was tender and the sauce that came with it was absolutely delicious.

Did a bit of research on Bebek Tutu-it is Smothered in Balinese spices and wrapped in betel leaves, it is slowly smoked for a whole day. 

Avocado Juice. Also known as Alpukat. A very famous drink in Indonesia. Blended Avocado with Chocolate Sauce.

But I preferred the crispy duck compared to smoked duck.So crispy and yummy that you can even eat the bones!

Also comes with satay lilit and vegetables & crackers on the side.

Next was the Tirtha Empul Tampaksiring Holy Spring. A friend of mine had warned me beforehand to put on lots of sunscreen as the sun would be blazing hot.

The entrance fee is 15,000 rupiah (RM4.50) per person.

When visiting holy sites in Bali, please take note that there are some religious rules you would need to follow.

One of it is wearing a sarong.

~smile and the world smiles with you~

You are also not suppose to go in if you are menstruating a.k.a having your period :-S

Also, you would need to tie up your hair if you have long hair.

Worshippers are suppose to submerge themselves in the water and wash themselves at those rock formation where the water is coming out following a sequence.

This stupid lady behind me hit me with that gigantic bottle and I almost fell into the partner caught her on camera and she made me curse at her in a temple :-S crazy b****

The surrounding areas

Pond with Fat Gold Carps

You can also purchase a packet of fish pallets to feed them

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