Wednesday, March 5, 2014

INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2014: Rock Bar/ Sunset Bar at The Ayana & Pork Ribs at Naughty Nuris

So after our last stop at Tampaksiring, we headed to the Rice Terraces of Tegalalang and Ubud. To "drive" in, a collection of 10,000 rupiah (RM3) would be requested from you at the entrance.
The view may be beautiful but you usually would only need 10-15mins for picture taking at this location

Unless of course you would like to purchase paintings or....

have a short coffee break at one of the cafes here.

This guy...farmer by day, salesman by night I presume were selling straw hats

He also get tips from tourist who wants to take a picture with his "farming tools"

This is Bali's ONLY toll booth.

After Ubud, we headed all the way south again via the freeway

to another gorgeous resort called The Ayana Resort & Spa :-D

We initially wanted to catch the sunset at the Rock Bar but the line was EXTREMELY longgggg!!!! We could only get a fast track entry if we were staying at the hotel...RM 2,800 per night...go figure T__T

So so breathtaking. You had to take a lift down there.

I was really grateful that the service staff allowed us to take a picture of the Rock Bar from above but still super duper upset that I didn't get to go in....T__T 

So we settled for the Sunset Bar

Coconut Cocktail

Some finger food as we were quite hungry.

Melon Cocktail

More finger food!

So from Jimbaran (where the Ayana is located) we headed to Seminyak (about 45 minutes away) for dinner

Our choice of dinner location was non other than Naughty Nuri's. It's original branch was in Ubud and this is the 2nd branch in Batubelig, Seminyak. Notice the yellow road sign in the picture above? Why did the pig cross the road? :-P as you can see, the place was also packed to the brim and there were a lot of people waiting.

Miss Piglet

Naughty Nuri's is not only famous for their pork ribs but also their Martinis.Hence, they would have a special :shake shake shake" performances for each customer who orders a martini.

First up was their grilled tuna...we ordered medium hence the texture taste a bit like chicken. We would try rare next time. The green sauce that came with it was the perfect combination though.

Naughty Nuri's Famous Pork Ribs. The MOST delicious ribs I ever had in my life! *hands down*. Tender and the meat just falls off the bone...can we get a franchise here in Kuala Lumpur? :-P

The pork chop was delicious too! Don't need any topping or side dishes. Grilled to perfection....

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