Monday, March 10, 2014

INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2014: Hanging Gardens Resort Ubud

The Hanging Gardens is a honeymoon haven and voted as one of the MOST MESMERIZING places to visit by distractify. I'm so excited to be able to visit one of this top resorts on a short trip as for my honeymoon I've always dreamt of staying in a castle *hint**hint* you know, with me being a princess/queen :-P

In the lobby, the place just looked "normal" but prepared to be mesmerised!

You can always opt to take the stairs
But with us being lazy a.k.a #lifehack, we decided to take the lift.

The resort has a lot of levels and I recommend you to request the villa at the lowest point. Though it is further, it has much more privacy.


Main Pool-The Infinity Pool

Pretty decoration at the pool as someone booked it for a proposal.

All of them are Private villas with your own private infinity pool. I think for the price you are paying, it's absolutely worth it.

Our private infinity pool!!! weee~

Mini bar not complimentary but trust me, you won't feel like leaving the room at all once you're here...

They even prepared sarongs for us to wear if we want to head to the temple.

Complimentary Welcome Drink

There's even a Frangipani decorating the toilet bowl. lol!

After all the Ooohsss and Aaahsss while checking out the room, it was swim time!

Do note that the water is freezing cold! Hence the expression :-P

Beautiful View...we spent so many hours in the pool till our fingers got wrinkly :-P

Prepare A LOT of insect & mosquito repellent as there would be a lot of bugs here...some super gigantic *not for the faint hearted*

and we continue on to relax with wine...just bliss :-)

At night, we ordered room service...

Don't worry, that isn't a ghost at the balcony...just me wrapped in towel as I was still in the pool as the service staff was setting up our dinner :-D

Sorry, blurry pic due to low lighting....more romantic mah :-P

Wagyu beef...yums!

Blue fin tuna sandwich.

Our complimentary chocolates 

The romantic setting...

This is our villa from the outside...

We woke up early and headed for breakfast

Some renovation works are being done at the pool deck so that more visitors can be accommodated. You can visit hanging gardens even if you don't stay there but do expect some charges.

All food items here are made, grown and reared from the surrounding village.

The breakfast spread was fresh and delicious. definitely way better than the buffet breakfast spread at Hard Rock, Kuta.

Super yummy scrambled it. Freshly prepared for you.

Chicken porridge. Though the ingredients were fresh, it was a bit too bland for me.

After breakfast we decided to head to the temple across the river
At first, we thought it was just a leisurely stroll till we saw this...

yes...that was the "bridge" that we needed to walk pass...


We weren't dress for the hike as my partner was only wearing slippers and me "platform" sport shoes...

View of our resort from the opposite side

Really felt like Indiana Jones with the muddy terrain

At one point, I even got pricked by some thorny branches :-(

Though it's an abandoned temple, you can opt to have a romantic "sunset dinner" here but you would need to book 1 day ahead with the hotel. *putting it on my to-do list* :-D

This is the souvenir shop at the resort

Swim time at the main pool

I am in heaven :-)

The lower deck...

Happy Happy times indeed. Wished I had stayed one more night but I was too "greedy" and decided to check out another world class next up, Viceroy Resort and Spa :-)

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Unknown said...

Wow wonderful bliss moment at should put it on my next year top dream list

Unknown said...

Wow wonderful bliss moment at should put it on my next year top dream list

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