Tuesday, March 4, 2014

INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2014: Hard Rock Hotel Kuta & Kuta Beach

Freshly back from my Birthday trip last month to the super romantic Bali!!! :-D

Took Malindo airlines from KLIA and it cost roughly RM1,000 for 2 person (return flight). The pros is that you would have movies to watch onboard (remember your head phones), the round up charges includes baggages (20kg check-in, 7kg hand carry), taxes, and refreshments (biscuits + drinking water). 

The cons however, both our flight to Bali and back to Kuala Lumpur was delayed for approximately 1 1/2 hours and there's only ONE flight a day :-(

While checking in (on both trips), lines were very long too...so please be there early! There's also a departure tax when leaving Bali 150,000 rupiah which is approximately RM45 per person.

So yea, moving on, presenting to you, the beautiful island of Bali

In the plane looking down to the island, Bali doesn't give me the "WOW!" factor compared to Tioman Island

But Bali island is bigger than Singapore and definitely has much more things to see, eat and do compared to smaller islands like Tioman and Langkawi.

So upon arrival, we took a private van to our hotel in Kuta. It costed us 100,000 rupiah which is equivalent to RM30. Don't really need to pre-book any van (unless you have very good contacts) as there were PLENTY of taxi and private drivers soliciting their services outside of the airport. Initially I was stubborn and adamant and wanted either a blue bird or bali taxi as I have read online that these taxis are metered and reliable. But my partner and I luge-d our luggage all around the main road but to no avail. So we decided to just used our haggling skills and got the driver so looked the most "reliable" so that I won't get sold to the illegal prostitution den/ring or something...

We arrived at our hotel in 20 minutes and helped ourselves to the complimentary welcome drinks. Oh yea, we stayed at Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta because it was a centralized location.

Interesting cards in the hotel room :-D

How to survive an earthquake :-O

Our balcony was facing the courtyard

We were super hungry so we decided to grab a bite at the nearest KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurant.

Don't worry about looking for western style kind of food or fast food. There's a shopping mall a stone's throw away from the hotel and various fast food/chain outlets like Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks a short walk away.

My partner loved the idea of the ketupat-like compact rice which came together with our set lunch. He said it was really convenient as you would not need cutleries or plates.

So, kuta is actually a really small area. Though really easy to walk around, the beach area is pretty dirty.

Our hotel :-D

You can rent a bike to get around. But not recommended for the faint-hearted...

Kuta Beach!

In the morning, we had breakfast overlooking Hard Rock hotel's own man-made private beach.

Buffet style breakfast

Throughout my 2 nights stay there, I never really enjoyed breakfast at Hard Rock hotel as they use really cheap low-quality ingredients though they do not repeat the menu during our stay.

Swim time!

Hard Rock is suitable for families with young children as there are water slides and playgrounds available.

So, that is all on my first hotel in Bali. I've done a break down of my blog posts below so that it would be easier for you all to navigate & read :-) If you would like to know about the prices of hotels, do leave me a comment or send me a private message on my Fanpage www.facebook.com/sarahmaylow

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