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INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2014: (Ubud Specialties) Babi Guling Ibu Oka, Bali Ratu Spa & Cafe Wayan, Monkey Forest

So Ibu Oka moved to a new location but just a short walk away from it's old location. Just ask the locals and they'll direct you :-)

I absolutely love and am totally in awed with the traditional Balinese style dining. Just too pretty :-)

This was my partner's favourite local dish during our trip in Bali. We both order the special rice set which comes with everything on the menu-pork skin, pulled pork meat, crispy fried pork, vegetables and pork sausage.

I was expected a lot as I have read rave reviews of this place. I also expected the pork skin to be as yummy and crispy as suckling pig skin but I forgot that they were roasting an adult pig, so the skin was gamey and tough to bite through. We still loved it nevertheless.

Our meal was accompanied by the "tweeting" of this bird :-D

We were looking around for a spa place and the local Balinese recommended the BALI RATU (Queen Bali) spa.

Their branches

If you would require pick up

What I love about the place that each customer has a private room/hut though of course privacy & beautiful location comes with a price. The spa here is not really cheap. For a 1 1/2 hour massage session for 2 person. We paid about RM350 ++

After changing into our robes and disposable underwear, we started with a foot scrub

If you prefer massages that has more "strength" used, Balinese massages will not be for you as they use soft gentle strokes instead of pressing (Chinese acupressure massage) or twisting (Thai Massage).

This is Ubud town and the picture above shows the old royal palace.

There's a lot to eat in Ubud and also "nature" related things to do if you want variety.

I had an eye surgery on my birthday *cries* because of an infection on my left eyelid that became inflamed. This trip to Bali was also for me to recuperate other than celebrating my Birthday week. My eye specialist who just came back from Bali himself, recommended this restaurant. He said it is a must go.
So while here, we found out that Cafe Wayan was featured in the book Eat, Pray, Love. It was mentioned in the book that the lady owner Ibu Wayan was a great businesswoman in her own right.

Cafe Wayan is located near the Sacred Monkey Forest (a tourist place). But yea, we have a lot of monkeys in Malaysia (majority of them being keyboard warriors on Social Media :-D) so we weren't that interested in looking at monkeys...unless of course the monkeys can magically grant us a wish :-p

This just had to be the best crackers ever! We requested for the waiter to refill this :-D

I ordered crispy duck as I really loved the last one I tried at Bebek Joni. But this wasn't up to par.

The Balinese special fared better. We especially loved the prawns and everything else.

Fried rice wasn't good though...bland though the presentation was colourful

Verdict: Come for the ambiance, the fact that they have shows like kechak dance, etc. on certain nights or if you want western food-they do offer steaks, lambs, burgers...but don;t expect too much from the food.

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