Monday, March 10, 2014

SINGAPORE TRAVEL 2013: Universal Studio Singapore USS

This trip to Universal Studios Singapore was 6 months ago, back in September 2013... I love theme parks especially roller coasters. In fact the scarier the better!

Looking back at the pictures, it's amazing how I was so hot and skinny then :-P

This was our first ride...most of the rides here are kids ride with just 1 or 2 "adult" rollercoasters

Captain Elmo

This was the ride that J and I REALLY REALLY wanted to get on. But unfortunately it was under maintenance that day....of all days!!! why???!!! T__T

We then decided to go on a teacup ride instead

The "ancient Egypt" part of the theme park was pretty cool

fyi, I was supposed the look scared because of the "fake" bugs behind...

There weren't that many people that day yet lining up for the rides took up most of our time. So I really recommend that you purchase the "fast track" tickets as you would save A LOT of time.

Bags are not allowed on the rides but lockers are available almost everywhere. In fact, if I remember correctly, you will not be charged if you place your bag in the locker for less than 1 hour. But it also depends on how long you would need to line up for that particular ride. SO be prepared for the risk.

There was this "wet" ride that we wanted to get on but the queue was Wayyyyyy too long...

There are "drying pods" available there for those who did not bring a change of clothes

3D "shrek" ride

Our final ride was a boat ride in "Madagascar"

Sorry, bad pictures due to low lighting

We decided to have an early dinner before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. There are a lot of restaurants, cafe and fast food chains in Universal Studios. No need to worry about food here. There are even Fine Dining restaurants here.

The food here at Matsuri isn't that great though and we even found that one of the dishes here wasn't cooked properly as it was still frozen inside. Should have sticked with Fast Food. We were also rushing off and didn't have time for proper dining.

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