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SOUTH KOREA TRAVEL 2013: Jeju Island Adventure (Cheong Wa Dae Hall, Ginseng Chicken, Jungang Shopping Mall)

Our Super funny Korean-Chinese Tour Guide-Jenny
So, it was one of those trips that I was super looking forward to!!! 

So, South Korea was one of the places I really wanted to go for 2 main reasons...for skiing & THE HELLO KITTY sweets cafe!!!

Back in December 2013 during the Christmas week, we headed to South Korea via a tour group. We departed from LCCT at 1am and arrived in Korea about 7am in the morning and we immediately started our tour :-)

So our first stop was the Cheong Wa Dae Hall museum

Behind me is the Cheong Wa Dae Hall which is like the White House in the US. By memory, I think it used to be a palace...

This was a simulation that allows you to "walk" on the grounds of the hall

Yay! Snow in the background!!!

Looked super fat & pregnant with my layers and layers of clothing >__<"

One of the popular Marshmallow waffle snack that they have here in Korea. Super yummy too! Highly recommend to buy this as souvenirs for your friends back home :-)

We then proceeded to have our first meal in Seoul

Can you guess what is this?

Ginseng Chicken. I think this was one of my top 3 meal in the entire trip :-)

Lots of gigantic ginsengs on display at the shop

If you would like the address of this place. Somehow, I find it really difficult to navigate my way or communicate in Korea compared to when I was in Japan. I find that it is more easier for me to pick up the Japanese language.

After lunch, we took a domestic flight to Jeju Island :-)

Upon reaching Jeju International airport, I found that the weather here is so much more milder and warmer than Seoul

So our first touristy visit was to Yongdu-am

Ok. Though I just mentioned that it was not as cold as Seoul but this place in particular was freaking freezing!!! As it was located right next to the sea, the wind just kept blowing and blowing T__T

Nothing much to look at...just black rocks...lol! I'm so NOT a nature person.

Dunkin Donuts are available everywhere in South Korea and it is 10 times better than the ones in Malaysia...so many food and drink items and they even have merchandises for you to purchase just like in Starbucks!

So we decided to hide in Dunkin Donuts as I was started to get a headache from the lack of sleep and the cold wind that was blowing at my face.

We were then brought to an underground mall...nothing much to buy and they were selling all winter clothing and shoes. Our tour guide also warned us that it shopping is more expensive here than in Seoul.

The name of the underground mall just in case you are wondering and No, it is not like those underground malls in Taipei, Taiwan where you can get lots of goodies. You'd be disappointing over here.

Our Dinner!!! So, every other night's meal after this was almost similar. There's a reason why I got so fat while in Korea. The side dishes are yummy & refillable too!

Another thing to note in Korea is that rooms are HUGE!!! The tour guide mentioned that the rooms in the city of Seoul are "small" but their definition of small is "normal hotel room size". Otherwise, the rooms at every other hotel/resort we stayed at were HUMONGOUS!!!

Introduced this soju + milk mix to my partner as it was my "usual" pre-party drink with my good friend in New Zealand while I was living in Auckland. 

Korean strawberries are also sweet and delicious. The ones you see in the picture above were actually "peace offerings" from our Malaysian tour guide. J and I was super pissed with one family in the tour as they insisted on having our seats on the bus....this is what you get when you got on tours-Idiots! But then we also made friends who we eventually keep in touch with :-)

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