Saturday, March 29, 2014

SOUTH KOREA TRAVEL 2013: Skiing & Snowboarding Adventure, Seoraksan National Park (Sorak Mountain)

Rise and shine and up early for breakfast and round 2 of skiing/snowboarding

So I decided to try skiing while my partner headed up the slopes to snowboard as he got really addicted to it

Even kids this young were super good at it T_T

As I have tried both snowboarding & skiing, this is my verdict:-
Snowboarding-easier to control but would fall down more often as both your legs are attached to the board, you'll have achy butt syndrome but in the event you need to carry your board, it is easier to drag up compared to snow skis
Skiing-fall down less, easier to navigate but very bad for knees (as you would need to use your knees to stop) and very heavy and troublesome to carry around ( 4 items instead of 1 snowboard)...

My partner sent me these pictures while he was up on the slopes

The 3 handsome brothers who we are now friends with ;)

After hours and hours of burning fats, it was time to feast!

We kinda accidentally over ordered as we didn't know the portion was this big!!! :-O we thought the pricing was expensive because it was resort price...not because the portion was big :-O

After lunch, we packed up and headed to...

Sorak-san or Mount Sorak

A LOT of friends told me that it was totally worth it going up the cable car...but unfortunately, we were on tour and it wasn't up to us to decide and we didn't have enough time T__T

Tree hugger :-D

That's me ordering my partner "I wanna take picture there" :-P

So damn beautiful!!! I loved Milford Sound in South Island New Zealand too but nothing compares to this :-P

My favourite picture other than the person who photobombed me at the back..hmmpphh!!!

I throw a wish in the well, don't ask me I'll never tell :-P

After that, we headed to Daepuhang Fish Market...there weren't that many people as it wasn't the season/in season...

Lol...bought this as I promised to boil soup for my partner...for always being so awesome to me :-D

In winter, you would always feel hungry as your body constantly generates heat to warm up your body...

The feeling of having warm food in winter is just *priceless*

Our hotel at the Mount Sorak area

And no, it's not a hotel, it's a freaking apartment...

When the weather is warmer, this place is actually a golf course, so there's a room to put your golf gears :-D

I remember it was Christmas eve, so we decided to gather with our other tour friends to countdown to christmas and also to share! Unfortunately, there's no wifi available at this resort...and we CANNOT live without wifi!!! you kidding me???

Read on more about my trip here:-

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