Saturday, March 29, 2014

SOUTH KOREA TRAVEL 2013: Nami Island & Neverland Theme Park

So our first stop for the day was this Fat Mama Fruits House. Apparently the owner is quite famous and has been interviewed by a few TV stations, newspaper...

The fruits here was pretty expensive though

There was another competing store opposite which sold their fruits at 1/2 price of what this store was selling

Call me maybe? LOL!!!

So it was Christmas Day and the coldest day out of our entire trip here in South Korea...

Our next stop was this street which apparently was made famous by the Korean drama series winter sonata

I don't really fancy Korean fashion so I never bought any clothing item here in Korea...other than a pair of boots as my own boots decided to "crocodile"...

We then headed to Nami Island

We had to take a short boat ride there

Nami Island was also made famous by the same Winter Sonata drama

Had to keep myself warm...just too cold!!! The weather was pretty dry too, you can see my skin peeling T__T

Even the river/lake was icy cold

Had lunch at this how it looked like on the outside though...considering it was Christmas, all i wanted to do was sing
~I'm dreaming of a White X'mas~

Next up was Neverland Theme Park!!! Initially they wanted to cancel this...I told the tour guides..."I'll kill you!!! Must go!!!"

It wasn't very wise to visit a theme park on Christmas Day as there were LOADS of people!!! We rode on the wooden roller coasted you can see in the picture above and had to line up for up to 2 hours T__T

Cold weather just making me hungry

After a few other rides, we gathered to watch the night parade...

Super beautiful!!! Reminds me of Disneyland at night :-D

Had late BBQ dinner after that...yum yum~

Last program of the day before going back to sleep :-D

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