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FITNESS: Mount Kinabalu Hiking Experience 2013

My Mount Kinabalu Hiking Exhibition last November 2013
Been feeling super duper emotionally as I am PMS-ing. I. HATE. IT. Cried last night not because I was upset but because I was feeling "overwhelmed"...just like a many mixed emotions, also feel like running away with some random guy and eloping or packing my bags and just travelling somewhere...PMS is no fun, usually I'm quite logical (I'm an Aquarius) But just not  today :'( so please stay away before I give you a death sentence!

So I boarded AirAsia on a return RM500++ flight to Kota Kinabalu, was so expensive because I opted for extra leg space. Really worth it! trust me :-)
This Roast Chicken meal is freaking NASTY! Please do not order it!
Upon reaching, my hiking group (this trip was organised by the Mou Man Tai/Tom, Dick & Harry gang btw) brought us to this "popular" pork noodle place...though I secretly wanted the Sabah Beef Noodles instead
This is how it looks like...I don't know why but I always have cravings for everything...just not pork noodles...
Dry Versions

"Secret" ingredients

Soup version

The address if you want to find this place
So on our way to the foot of the Mount Kinabalu, we played A LOT of drinking games...
and we needed desperate toilet stops along the way

From the main city centre to the foot of Mount Kinabalu, it'll take you about 2 hours
This is the Mount Kinabalu Park Headquarters where you would need to register for your permit to climb mount kinabalu

There's 2 hiking trails for you to hike up Mount Kinabalu. One is called the Timpohon trail and the other is called the Mesilau trail (2km longer). Everyone decided to be adventurous and hence we decided to go up the Mesilau trail which apparently is more "scenic"....regreted it later T__T
Arrive at our resort at the starting point of the Mesilau trail before we start 

Our humble resort for that night

giant wooden house with 5-6 rooms (8 beds per room)

We adjourned for dinner at the resort's cafe nearby..
A lot of blurry pictures in this blog post. I realized that my phone/camera failed me miserably on this trip *emo*
Salad Bar
Very very simple buffet
Mesilau Nature Resort is run by the Sutera Harbour group (one of the top hotel chains in Sabah)

The vicinity of the resort

So it was briefing time by Captain Ronald (a veteran MAS pilot) for our hike as he is extremely experience...His 8th Mount Kinabalu hike :-O

Briefing again the next morning by our guide

Group picture time!

This is where we leave our luggages/bags to the porter to be carried up. These men are the REAL SUPERMAN I tell you! The charges are RM10 per kg, so remember not to bring too much for your hike.
Road to hell heaven

Just the start and I was already panting like crazy T__T

Initially started as part of the 1st group...till the trail got harder and harder...the problem with me is that I have a high level of strength but not stamina...
Along the way, you would find "rest stops" like this which is actually an indicator of how many km you have hiked. i.e. 1km, 2km, etc

What started as sunny...
Soon became gloomy
and I was on my own...

It started drizzling along the way and I was so emotionally and physically drained

There was even once where I cried (I thought no one was looking)...
and this kid turned around and look at me and shouted "Don't stop! Move"...
I tell you. I was actually grateful that he did that as I was already loosing focus...
Along the way, you would also find these cute & busy-tailed squirrels

This was halfway up, the meeting point between the Timpohon & Mesilau trail...

When I saw this place...I almost died of happiness. Finally reached the area where we would rest for the night...
You have no idea how it felt
Wet slippery terrain all the way. It really did dampen my spirit

Buffet style dinner
My legs were killing me. I cried when I finally could sit down. No kidding.

The view from the rest area

After dinner, we walked up to our cabin. 4 person per room...extremely small and cramp. WARNING: there's no warm shower here so forget about taking shower. The water is freezing cold!!!

It was so cold at night that I had to sleep with my winter jacket on. Better keep warm than fall sick. We were also worried that we would not be able to climb the peak as it was raining the night before.
Woke up at 2am in the morning to continue the climb to the peak. You would need headlights & gloves for this part of the hike as you would be pulling yourself up via ropes. It is not simple at all. A LOT of people have died during this part of the climb.
Nearing the summit and the sun is coming up!

0.5km more!!!
My secret to kidding...stock up on this please. You'll thank me later

No makeup! FML. Thank god I'm a natural beauty :-P hate the wind for constantly messing up my hair though...

Squinty eyes because of the glaring sun....
Someone in our group proposed too!!! OMG!!!

He said "Thank god you accepted...or not I would have to proposed to Sarah instead!"

Lol...The diamond was big. Give it to me :-P

The hike down was the WORST!!!!!!!!!! Really impacted my knees so damn badly...from being the first group up I became the last 2 who came down....this part was where I cried the most...Really have to thank the guide for encouraging me as i was loosing hope...and holding my hand along the way (no joke!) gave him a super big tip in the end!

Had to use 2 walking sticks while making my way down as my knees were failing me...
Finally made my way down and guess what! Our group left us...This was something that I was EXTREMELY unhappy about.

While signing up for this, the organizers reassured that all food and transportation will be taken care of but they just left us there in the middle of the forest in pitch dark while they enjoyed seafood.

With this crappy cold dinner. Not only that, "if" we wanted to join them for dinner, we had to pay for own taxi to the restaurant which costs a fucking bomb! The other guy who came down last with me was a fucking pussy to ask my opinion and just obliged. Though the TDH management are my personal friends but this is UNACCEPTABLE! I paid my fees.
Breakfast next morning...while still in pain

Stayed at this hotel before flying back to KL...
In all my moodiness and crankiness, I know I really have the best boyfriend on earth. Instead of telling me off for being a b*tch, he listened sympathetically...It is true that you will know who would always stand by you in your lowest low...
and even brought me for leg massage to sooth my aching legs

This was what I had to use to walk the entire week
My advice to those who would want to attempt to hike mount kinabalu, please train A LOT and don't take it for granted (like me!) It wasn't easy at all but I'm glad I did it as I challenged myself in ways that I have never did before. Hands down the HARDEST & PHYSICALLY toughest thing that I have ever done in my entire life and all I can say is that I am proud of myself :-)

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