Wednesday, April 23, 2014

FOOD REVIEW: Fine Dining Buffet at Hanare Japanese Cuisine, The Intermark (Revisit April 2014)

Cha Soba
This place left a good impression when I first dined here last year *first visit* though I only manage to post about it in February :-P Initially, we headed to Acme at The Troika as I was craving for pancakes but that place was crazy packed T__T. So I got super emo as I was "hangry"=hungry + angry. But Hanare made me happy again

Potato Salad & Savoury Edamame beans
At my second visit, I feel that the quality and quantity of the buffet spread has improved. The last round, there weren't much food left though it was still early at 10-11 ish am and this time we only arrived at 12.30pm.
Japanese cold dishes-tofu & braised meat
Soft Shell crab maki
Tempura fried vegetables & Tori yaki (Barbequed Chicken Skewers)
Chawanmushi (steamed egg)
This chawanmushi is not displayed as part of the spread. You would have to order it from the wait staff

Sashimi/Fresh Seafood
Chuka Idako (Baby Octopus)

Grilled Unagi (eel) & fried chicken

This "is" what you come to Hanare for. It's Teppanyaki section. For my 1st round-Wagyu beef & Scallops

Please remember that the Teppanyaki Queue is VERY LONG. So I suggest that you "line up" your pick at the Teppanyaki Counter before you start with the buffet spread.

Combination of Salmon, Wagyu Beef, Scallops, Chicken & Squid

Took the Matcha Green Tea pudding, some melon and watermelon while waiting for my round 2 Teppanyaki

Cheese Cake & Pumpkin Cake. This WASN'T yummy at all. Taste like cheap pastries :-S

My round 2 consisted of Salmon & Wagyu Beef :-D

This round we did not opt for sake though it would have went extremely well when combined with these

As I was still "sourgrape" over not having my pancakes, I decided to make my own! Dorayaki pancake with Hanare's selection of Green Tea, Vanilla & Black Sesame Ice-Cream. Ice-Creams are from Haagen Dazs, so you can be assured that the quality is not compromised. I totally hate cheap Ice-creams. Taste like plastic.

The Sunday Brunch Buffet is RM 148 per person. So please eat your money's worth of Sashimi, Wagyu & Scallops :-P 

Hanare Authentic Japanese Cuisine
Lot G, Ground Floor,
The Intermark
182 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2164 2133/2164 2633
GPS Coordinates: N 3 09.699 E 101 43.192

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