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MALAYSIA CAMERON HIGHLANDS TRAVEL 2014: The Lord's Cafe, Lavender Farm & Cameron Valley Tea House

During the Wesak Day holiday, the best friend and I decided to go on an impromptu trip up Cameron Highlands...was car sick on the way up and down and had to stop the car about 3-4 times coz I wanted to puke!

Was joking with the bf and I told him "I know you love me A LOT but if one day would you decide to built a castle on Cameron Highlands for me, please don't do it!"...

Unless he flies me up using a helicopter. I also accept diamonds as bribes :-P ~Diamonds are a girl's best friend~ :-D
So, the first stop was Lord's Cafe which is located right opposite the bus station
The Lord's Cafe is famous for it's scones and pastries
The interior of the cafe is quite old and rundown but it doesn't really matter to me as long as the food is good
DO NOT forgive your husband's trespasses for they know exactly what they have done #mampuslahkau :-P
The best friend
What I love about this place is that the food is reasonable priced...a piece of scone for RM2.50...whattt???!!! compared to TWG in pavilion :-O

Super sleepy face + messy hair...was telling the bf that I want to get some plastic surgery done since he mentioned that he could accept a girl who has had surgery done but he said no :-( oh wells, he has already fallen in love with this face...what to do...

I'm totally not opposed plastic surgery though, sometimes even slightly envious of how pretty a girl looks after surgery...with how fast technology is moving, I will not be surprised that in 10 years time, you'd be able to buy stick-on botox patches in your local pharmacies

Strawberry Fruity Scone with cream
Traditional scone with butter & cream
Both of it served with jam too!
My tea
The best friend's lemonade

The Lord’s Cafe (Right opposite the bus station)
Tanah Rata,
Cameron Highlands
11am – 10pm
(Closed Sunday)

We also ordered garlic toast but I forgot to take a picture T__T...but after our brunch, we headed to the Lavender Garden
It was raining the whole day by the way and coincidentally the rain always stops when we got into the car and starts raining super heavy when we step out the car!!! #emo
Thank god a lot of the farms are covered...Cameron Lavender Garden address as per above :-D
Though this place is called the Cameron Lavender Garden, Lavenders were only found at the entrance
and in case you were wondering, the lavender flower has no smell before it is processed...we tried to sniff it! haha~

Tried to take some "artsy" looking pictures with the brick in the foreground

You can find lavender/strawberry ice-cream being sold here too...unfortunately, we were too full from brunch
Pictures of couples who has had their wedding pictures taken here
I noticed a lot of touristy places tries to create this "love lock" concept/area for money making purposes. Saw one in Malacca too...they charge about RM10 per lock =__="

Bird house

Gonna dye my hair dark brown in 2 weeks time...quite bored of this hair color already which I have been carrying since Nov 2012

Some random mushroom house
Pick/Pluck your own gerber a for RM2...lucky that the bf isn't here...or not I would have demanded 888 stalks from him *evil laugh*...why 888? coz 8 is his favorite number...such a chinaman :-P
My favorite picture for this trip :-D

There's also a strawberry farm here where you can pick your own strawberries but I didn't bother taking any pictures as the strawberries were pathetically small
So that's all there is in the Lavender farm
There's 2 souvenirs shops here, one strawberry themed and one Lavender themed

There's also some game area
and mini stalls where you can purchase snacks

As it was raining, we did not want to take the risk to go up the BOH tea plantation. So on the way down, we stopped by the Cameron Valley Tea House

The view was equally beautiful

Mango Jelly Tea (RM 8.90)
Mushroom Soup RM (9.80)

This dressed made me look preggers :-O T__T
Cameron Valley Tea House 1
Batu 34, Jalan Besar,
Cameron Highlands,
Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia

Met up with the bf that evening and he surprised me with a little something something as souvenir. He just got back from New Zealand/Sydney
J isn't very romantic with words...the only 2 sentence that exist in his vocabulary is "I love you" and "I miss you"...but I love that he shows his love through his actions...:-D

So next round, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" honeybee? *hint*hint*

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