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EUROPE TRAVEL 2012: Bicester Village & Girls Night Out in London

Rise and Shine and ready for some Bagel! This cafe was just a few doors away from our hotel-Tune Hotel in Paddington

Chicken Bagel
Salted Beef Bagel. Was curious to try what Salted Beef tasted like.

Off to the railway station
as we were heading for
BICESTER VILLAGE!!! (Pronounced as BIS-TER village) The station to take this train is Marylebone Station *take note*
Bicester Village is located 40-45 minutes away from London City but a MUST go place if you love shopping or you're!!! Or to be exact, Oriental Asian...we are just synonymous with the word Shopping! :-D
Love the artistic feel of my pictures though I didn't try any special function. The gloomy weather created this special effect :-D

This was our only trip passing by the countryside so we just sat back and admired the view

I absolutely love this place though it sells off season discounted branded goods, the selection was WIDE!
If you love luxury brands, you should totally come here for the discounted Prada, Gucci, Dior and Burberry...some items were up to 70% discount!!! :-D

:-D our achievement for the day

That was my new Burberry Bag :-D old story!

Random Fish & Chip dinner

DAMAGED DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P


I even carried my work to holiday, unfortunately my asshole boss at that time did not appreciate! To hell with him!!! >:(
The mini cafe at Tune Hotel

Just love waking up in another country...If only I have an unlimited amount of money, I would just travel and go with the flow, maybe randomly sing on the street like a hobo busker :-)

Headed to Harrods the next day

The famous Diana & Dodi Al-Fayed memorial

Headed to Kensington after that to meet up with some girl friends who I meet during Miss Malaysia World 2009-we were the finalist! :-D

Yes, this blog post is so long due that my dear friend Stefanie here is already married and a mother of a 7 month old daughter :-O!!! This was when she was still not engaged/married...This is what you call procrastination at a very new level!

This is the BEST SCONES I have ever eaten in my life!

Laura arrived after a while, she had trouble finding this place as it is located at some random alley

The Muffin Man Tea Shop
Address: 12 Wrights Ln, London W8 6TA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7937 6652
Opening Hours: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
We headed back to Stefanie's house to chill for a bit
and to take pictures of her adorable dog, COCO TRUFFLES!!!

After that we headed out again to SOHO in London

Yes, they do have CHATIME in London
Asians, asians, and more asians lining up :-P

Hot milk tea taste super amazing in this cold and wet weather

While drinking our warm drinks we decided to line up for Udon as the queue usually takes 1 1/2-2 hours!
Yes yes, us being Malaysians, the agenda of the day would be just eat eat and eat!!!
So this restaurant is located right opposite this building

and also MOZART's old residence!!!!!!!!!!!!

The line!!!
I tell you...The wait was really worth it!!!

THE BEST UDON ever!!!!!!!!
2 hour wait for such a simple dish!

49 Frith Street
    London W1D 4SG
      Phone number 020 7434 4463
    Business website
My allergy pills coz I'm allergic to prawns

After dinner we decided to watch a random movie called "Silent Hill"

Hung out for a bit at M & M's world as there were time before the movie

The cinema was pretty much empty-us posers taking advantage of it! :-D
Up early the next day as we were heading back to KL!!! T__T
Stuffed a lot of things in my hand carry as the best friend made a mistake on the baggage allowance T__T

Last Meal before heading home


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