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EUROPE TRAVEL 2012: Madame Tussauds & Wicked the Musical in London :-)

London is known for being gloomy-ALL THE TIME! But yet I still love London as one of my top shopping locations :-)
Love the parks here too and you would commonly see cute bushy squirrels running around.
Though I would like to add that a lot of parks in London were previously used as an execution ground for prisoners or a place where prisoners would make their last speech before being executed :-S
Definitely would not recommend walking at night at these places :-S

So today is pretty exciting as we headed to Madame Tussauds! This is one of the highly recommended place to visit in London. Definitely worth your money compared to the Aquarium.

We got our tickets at a discounted price as we bought it together with the aquarium.

Ms. Miley Cyrus before her "wrecking ball" days...

Nicole Kidman, one of my favorite actresses. Especially loved her in Moulin Rouge

Mr & Mrs Posh Spice :-D
Leonardo Dicaprio
Julia Roberts

Jennifer Lopez

My Idol!!! Angelina Jolie. Can't wait to see her in the movie Maleficient! :-D

Dame Helen Mirren
"Love your ring!"
Kate Winslet

Twilight boys

Tom Cruise

My ex boyfriend :-P

Packed to the brim!!!
Liza Minelli when she was young, slim and hot :-P

Next up was the Bollywood section. I'm assuming it's a big culture here is London as there aren't any Chinese stars displayed :-P

Shah Rukh Khan

Marilyn Monroe

Sherlock Holmes

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Bruce Willis
Whoopi Goldberg

Agen 007 and me trying to be a bond girl :-P

We love our men big...just kidding!
Just got casted in his new film :-D

The Sport Stars section

Hate Tiger Woods...deserves a punch!
The new Princess!!! Weeee!!!

My father-in-law

"Yo, Queen!"
My mum's Idol, the ever beautiful Princess Diana. Beautiful both inside and out.

Queen Elizabeth when she was young

I like my men smart :-D

Me being a pedophile :-P

Lady Marmalade-Christina Aguilera

~Dancing Queen, young and sweet only 17~ ABBA
The Beatles

Amy Winehouse
Britney Spears

Didn't know Lady Gaga was this skinny. Make me look so fat standing next to her T__T

Rihanna Who is only a day older than I am yet so much richer T__T

Can you do the "beyonce"?

Leona Lewis

Elvis Presley. Didn't know he was this skinny too.

Lead singer from Queen
"We are the champions my friend..."
"Sorry for I have sinned"
"You will be forgiven my dear child"-The Pope
Met the Dalai Lama too!

Hey Mr. President
Hail Hitler!

This ones are super creepy. Showcasing how prisoners were executed in the past...

The history of Madame Tussaud herself

The making of the Beyonce wax figure
Blurry pictures as we were taking a train ride (yup! Madame Tussaud London is a mini Theme park also!)
Showing the history of England

Groovy 70s

Palace guards
After the short train ride, we moved on to the Superhero section

Submerged underwater. Lol!
Captain America

Iron Man!!!

Superhero 3D show, hence my special glasses...

After Madame Tussauds, we headed for a short walk around the city. Totally love how vibrant the city looks at night :-)

Off to my first West End Musical!!!

The stage was just amazing!

Though we were seated quite far back as we got ourselves discounted tickets but we enjoyed the show very much nevertheless :-)

Highly recommended if you have the chance!

During our stay in London & throughout Europe, we noticed that a lot of places were in the midst of renovation. So if you would like to head to UK or Europe. Now would be the best time as buildings and transportation would be sparkling new! :-D

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