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EUROPE TRAVEL 2012: Amsterdam City Tour (Heineken Experience)

So Amsterdam was our last Europe stop before heading back to London but I'll start with Amsterdam first before Paris and Brussels. Just because I feel like it :-)

Throughout our travels from city to city, we took the Eurostar train :-)

The best friend lining up to purchase our public transport pass
These elderly group were from Malaysia too and they were asking us for directions, etc...sorry uncle, aunty....can't help T__T
There's a lot of tourist information centre around and people in Amsterdam is such a helpful bunch

Yupe...do expect just half english...though it is not difficult to understand signs or navigate around

Centraal station is the main station where all the other line meets...
That's our 72 hours public transport card which is unlimited for of course, 72 hours...

The hotel cat...I forgot it's name...Mimi or something...
A lot of touristy vouchers which we made good use of :-D
Complimentary Welcome Croissant, Coffee & Tea

Nimi figuring out our route around Amsterdam
Yup fully booked! This hotel is highly recommended on trip advisor

What I love about this area is that you can find a lot of things to eat and shop here. Almost everything is within walking distance.
One of the "street food" and local food that you would want to try is Febo. This chain outlet is available practically everywhere!!!
What they sell are"kroketten" or Croquette that comes in different flavors...the interesting thing about this place is that there's no one there to take your orders for croquette. 

Only drinks and desserts are ordered over the counter
You would need to have small change to insert into the machine

and ta-daa~ out comes your croquette :-D

It's typical Dutch to eat fast food snacks from coin operated wall...
This place isn't that sanitary though
you have pigeons flying in and eating leftovers from the other customers

Traditional herring or a broodje haring (herring sandwich), available from fish stalls around the city. This place was recommended by the hotel staff...what does it taste like? Fresh salted fish with pickles on top...not too bad actually...

Wooden clogs which are synonymous to Holland :-D
This is the famous flower market which was within walking distance from our hotel

Christmas decorations were being sold as it was in November. Almost Christmas :-)

The cheese here are delicious! You get to taste all of it's flavor and it's really cheap too! Didn't buy any cheese back coz it was too heavy to carry home.
Hehe~ Guess what are these
No pictures but me being the rebellious me manage to snap some shots *like an undercover agent* in one of those weed shops :-D

Weed Juices...

If you were wondering about magic mushrooms...It's banned now in Amsterdam as a lot of people were hallucinating and jumping off buildings

I spotted many cool quote t-shirts in Amsterdam
Weed Lollipop!!!
We had one each out of curiosity
Lol! No we didn't get high...the taste was a bit spicy though
It was always raining throughout our Europe trip...one of the things I didn't like as it was a waste of time to wait for the rain to stop...

There's also a lot of sex shops around amsterdam if you are into those kinky stuff...
Probably that is why Amsterdam is the city of sin other then Las Vegas, Macau and Bangkok...lol!

You can also have piercings and tattoos done here too...

One of the "Coffee shops" that I've mentioned and no, they do not sell coffee...
Random sausage stall

Bicycle and canals which I would cover in my next blogpost :-D

Was wearing spectacles the entire day as my eyes were really dry

Next stop was the Heineken museum
I believe it was worthy for a visit

You get one of this wrist tags where you can claim 2 drinks after your tour
But if you are not much of a beer drinker you can opt for a souvenir at one of their souvenir shops nearby


We were supposed to take a boat to one of Heineken's souvenir outlet to collect our free gift but we lost our way and no sign ages was around to assist us...
After about 45 minutes of walking back and forth, we finally found it!

So cute!
Even more cuter!

A lot of people lining up here, but I dunno why :-S

This was before H & M came to Malaysia...yes yes! I'm that overdue!!! Working on it!!!

Couldn't decide what to have for dinner
So after walking around our hotel area, we decided on this restaurant/cafe/bar which served unlimited spare ribs!

Jagerbomb...Just because it was on offer :-P

I remember spotting some super hot caucasian guy who kept on looking at me but didn't do anything :'( probably he's married or something...that is why I never go after guys....

~End of Amsterdam Part 1~

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