Wednesday, July 9, 2014

EUROPE TRAVEL 2012: Amsterdam City Tour (Canal Boat Tour, House of Boss & Blue Dutch Man Restaurant)

This day I decided to wakeup early, have breakfast and put a little effort on my makeup & hair :-P
Breakfast provided by the hotel

Eyebags...blerghhh....2 years back I had eyebrow embroidery which didn't turn out good :-( Still waiting for it to fade before I go for a consultation somewhere else #thepriceofbeauty

Rise & Shine and out for another adventure!

Headed to the main train station to switch trains and head to our scheduled canal boat ride tour

Pretty gloomy that day too :-(
I find this so cute. You can put your puppy or toddler in it!

There are several companies offering the Canal Boat Cruise but the one we chose was from the company Grayline

Aye! Aye! It's your captain speaking :-D

With the sleepy looking best friend...please don't kill!!!

The houses here are built very tall vertically as there's not enough space. These houses are also known as the singing house because it was not built "architecturally" straight. This is due to the soil in Amsterdam which causes the houses to not "level" and also the 4 seasons allows the bricks to expand and vice versa. Hence, probably when one is drunk or high on weed, the houses looks like it is moving left and right...

Because rental is so high here, some people choose to live in boats....I really don't mind though!!!

Bridge maintanence


and more Canals!!!

We then headed to the sea

It was starting to rain T__T

This restaurant is so darn cool!!! Saw something similar in Zhuhai, China

Had some fries as we really loved the ones in Belgium...but nahhhh, wasn't that great....

Pretty random shop

We were heading to the Hermitage  & Van Gogh Art Museum

Renovation works were being done at that time, so all of Van Gogh's painting were placed here...
Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh only ever sold ONE painting before he died??? The song Vincent that goes "starry starry night" is one of my favorite songs ever!!!

Next stop was House of Bols. The creator of the Bols liquor brand which I think taste like the best thing in the whole wide world but unfortunately is not that famous in Malaysia :-(

So many types of flavored liquor for you to choose from!!! Smells super yummy too!!!

My poison of the night

Cute & Funny!

The best friend's poison :-D

All the flavors!!! I wish I can bring it all back to Malaysia T__T


We left the building feeling extremely!!! But then again, that is what being in Amsterdam all about right?

The tram

The hotel staff recommended this place for dinner and it was a GREAT choice!!! In English it is translated as the "Blue Dutch Man"

It was packed but because we were late, around 9pm-ish. We only had to wait about 10 minutes for our table :-D

Bitterballs served with mustard
As I did my research on Dutch food before my trip, I knew exactly what to order :-D
Thinly sliced veal

Curly mail with sausage hotspotch....ordered this since it was in season

I forgot what this was...

Free Coffee sweet after paying the bill!!! Love this place!!! Totally recommended if you would like to try local dutch cuisine :-D

~End of Amsterdam Part 2~

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