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EUROPE TRAVEL 2012: Brussels City Tour (Hailstorm, Chocolate, Fries & Waffles)

So after Romantic Paris, we woke up early the next day to catch a train to Brussels, Belgium

Early morning cab which the hotel staff booked for us and off we go to another new adventure :-)

Please prepare coins and small changes if you intend to or are the type who goes to the toilet often as you would need to pay to use the toilet and the entrance is coin operated
20 minutes time yourself!
So my best friend and I was taking turns going to the toilet while looking after our luggages. I bought my cup of hot chocolate and sat down at a cafe with my handbag on my right. I turned left to look at the luggages for a bit...that was then I heard some crackling/plastic noises and turned to my handbag....
Lo and behold, this piece of shit tried to pick pocket me...but with me being a messy person (thankfully), I had various items like tissue paper, plastic fork & spoon (don't ask why) that was scattered all on top of my other belongings in my super gigantic handbag...So I saw this fellow pulled his hand away and I screamed at the M*th*rf*ck*r so that everyone in the station would look at me so that he won't run away.

I stood up and whipped out my fist and threatened him.
Him: @#$%^&* (a bunch of inaudible foreign language crap)

and I threatened him again with my fist
So the M*th*rf*ck*r (pictured above) pretended to talk on the phone, sipped his cup and coffee and left and before he managed to do that, I whipped my camera out pointed at that M*th*rf*ck*r and took a picture of him just in case!!! Nope, I didn't punch him because there were armed guards around that might have shot me and yes, DO NOT BLOODY MESS WITH AN FIESTY ASIAN WILL freaking die!!!!
After all that drama, we safely boarded our train and headed to Brussels

We booked aloft for our stay in Brussels and it was the BEST hotel room throughout our trip!!! 

Spacious!!! and finally our own beds!!! Hahahah!!!! We were trying to save money throughout our trip that we were willing to sacrifice all the comfort...
This was just heaven!

Though it was a cloudy day, we decided not to waste any time in the hotel and headed out to venture the streets of Brussels

The parliament building. Very quiet as it was a non-working weekend

Then suddenly, we felt stones hitting us and then we realized that it was....
A HAIL STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was actually pretty excited as I have NEVER experienced a hail storm before!!! That is what I always love about new places- You'll NEVER know what new adventures you'd get :-D

Looked super stupid when the locals were staring at me standing in the middle of a hail storm...but what the heck!!! It was damn fun...
Till of course, IF a gigantic ball of ice decided to land on my head and kills me instantly :-P
We decided to have lunch at the first cafe we could find first and wanted to wait for the rain/storm to stop

Beef Stew-ish dish with Fries called Carbanades Flamande....wtv....
The best friend's lasagna. She absolutely loved it!

Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates

The best friend bought some for her relatives

After walking for a bit, we decided to have coffee at this cafe

I ordered hot chocolate and illy coffee for the best friend :-D

After the hail storm earlier, my hair was in a mess for the rest of the day T__T

So we decided to hang around at this clock for a bit to see whether anything would happen when the clock strikes 5pm sharp...but nah, nothing happened T__T

So we decided to walk some more...

Till we reached the town centre!!! That's where all the good street food are :-D

Now, this is where ALL the people are!!! Shopping & eating :-D

Belgium is also famous for it's laces and many tourist buys it as a souvenir...but too bad it's really expensive and served no purpose for me

This cathedral is one of the landmarks in Brussels.

There's a TINTIN boutique/museum here if you are into this cartoon character :-D

Yummy Belgian Waffles. You can find this everywhere in Belgium!

And of course, Belgian Fries...this was super duper amazingly delicious!!!

This is Brussels Central, the main station in Brussels

Some random rainbow bicycle which I thought was cute

When traveling in Europe, the cheapest option for food and drinks is always the supermarkets

Back to the hotel after a tiring day of walking
and also our "private" happy hour :-D
Do drink up on Evian as it is dirt cheap in Europe :-D

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