Thursday, July 10, 2014

EUROPE TRAVEL 2012: Brussels City Tour (Midi Market)

Bright and Sunny day and it was just so suitable for our planned "market" trip :-)

Love how public transportation are so efficient and reliable in Europe

So we made our first stop at this market that the bus drove pass

A lot of winter clothing being sold there

and also 2nd hand items...This market was more like a flea/antique market

We saw a lot of people lining up at this shop
So as usual, we followed the crowd :-D

Yummy footlong sausages in a giant baguette!

Both of us only had half a baguette as it was too big!

So after admiring the artwork that was being sold we decided to head off to another market

While walking to the 2nd weekend market, I spotted this shop that is run by these 2 Brazillian ladies, they sold very pretty jewelries, bikinis and lingerie. I bought a necklace from them! :-D

So this is the Sunday market at Gare Du Midi

Lots of cheap "made in china" products being sold!

But of course, our purpose here is non-other than trying out the local food

This Belgian Waffles only costs 1 Euro but it was so damn yummy!!!

We had Churros too and the Churros seller was so kind enough to tell us to watch our bags as there are a lot of pick pockets around

Headed to the "Luxury" street of Brussels but apparently, retail shops are usually closed on Sundays and Mondays 

We then decided to head back to the hotel
and check the hotel out a little

As this was our mid-way pit stop, we also decided to do our laundry since we only brought minimal clothing
and yes, it's coin operated, so prepare lots of it!!!

The best friend cleaning out the dryer's dust tray...ewww!!!

This was all we had for dinner #savemoney

We went to bed early that night as we had to wake up early to catch the train


Guess where's our next Euro destination?
On to the next stop, it all here!

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