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CHINA TRAVEL 2012: Hangzhou City Tour

In November 2012...YES!!! 1 1/2 years ago...being a good filial daughter (as always), I sponsored my mum for a trip to China
We arrived the night before and decided to stay at this hotel near the airport
Breakdown of Itinerary
  • Su Causeway
  • West Lake Boat Tour
  • Long Jing Green Tea Plantation
  • Dong Pu Rou (Dong Pu Pork Meat) Dinner
  • West Lake Show

OMG!!! the breakfast sucks

Looking like crap but needed a picture to remind myself the name of this hotel. So yea, forget about staying here. It wasn't that great.

So we headed back to the airport to wait for our driver + tour guide (we were on a private tour)

A restaurant at the airport

The food here may be slightly more expensive more at least you can actually swallow it

Met up with our driver and off we go on our tour of our first city-Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a place filled with many history, mythologies and legends, hence you would find a lot of historical buildings like the one here

This guy is some scholar or some sort. His name is Dongpu and yes, there's a Chinese pork belly dish called "Dong Pu Rou" that was named after him :-D

Su Causeway is one of the touristy spots in Hangzhou

Adjusting our sunglasses like daughter like mother lol!

Our tour guide then brought us on a boat tour of the West Lake

You can spot people parasailing while on the boat ride which I thought was kind of cool

One of the emperors use to come here for summer as he loved the view

The tour guide & mummy

Really love the leaves during autumn...just too pretty!

There's a lot of lakes filled with koi fishes all around

Next up, the long jing Green Tea plantation

The equipment they use to roast the tea leaves

A lot of ministers and diplomats have visited this place

Tea demonstration. As it was only the first day, all these form of direct marketing was still bearable...till it reached my limit

I've recorded a video of "how impressive" the demonstration was. One thing that I was really impressed with is how the Chinese can converse so well in English!!!

So we bought like RM900 worth of tea T__T which I have yet to drink finish till today...FML!!!

Then it was dinner time...I do not know what's the name of this restaurant and the majority of the restaurants throughout my tour as it was already part of the tour package...

The "Dong Pu Rou" dish that I was talking about earlier

After dinner we headed to the West Lake show

Tried taking pictures on the way but was unsuccessful :-( 

The streets in Hangzhou are really beautiful at night but my pictures doesn't do any justice 

Our show that night


People hanging from the ceiling

Guan Yin descending from the sky

The 1000 hands dance performance

Overall, I really enjoyed myself and the show and I believe it is worthy of a visit

After saying goodbye to our tour guide (we have a new tour guide in every city) we checked into this hotel (which looks like it was in the middle of nowhere)

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