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CHINA TRAVEL 2012: Wuxi City Tour (Three Kingdom City, Pearl Shop Direct Selling, Lihu Central Park)

So everyday on this trip we were on standby to go to a new location at 8am. Today we will head to Wuxi. 

One thing I love about traveling is how excited I get and how much I look forward to waking up the next day. Life is like that right? New Day, New Adventures :-) Can't wait for my next trip!
The best thing about going on a private tour is that you have the entire van/car/vehicle just for yourself!!!
Breakdown on Wuxi Itinerary

  • Three Kingdom City (CCTV Filming Location)
  • Pearl Shop Direct Selling
  • Lihu Central Park (a mini Europe town that is the outdoor shooting base of Wuxi Tailu Studio)

No stupid crying babies or families wanting to fight for seats with you. The bad part is that is China, they are always trying to sell you things, and you being in a small group doesn't allow you to run away that easily T__T...But I am THE SARAH MAY LOW....I always find a loophole :-D

Our meals for the entire trip are included already in the tour package. So we usually just go wherever the driver take us to. Not able to tell you where and what exactly we ate as it was pre-ordered. But what I can tell you is that the food throughout the trip was quite delicious.

After arriving at the next town, we usually head for early lunch first before going to all the tourist sites.

Our first tourist stop was a famous filming location for CCTV (the TV network in China) located in the town of Wuxi

This is where they would shoot their period dramas

That's our "stupid" tour guide. Will tell you shortly why she's stupid...

We were to take a boat ride on this "ancient" ship

Throghout the ride, there was a TV inside showing us the various Chinese Period Dramas which was filmed at the location

Chinese instrument performance

CCTV have spent MILLIONS building this place. See how majestic it looks. I really would recommend this place as it is pretty worth though though there are some "Chinese ancient history and mythology" that I'm unable to explain to you due to lack of knowledge.

After walking for a bit, we decided to head towards this "fake" forbidden kingdom stage area for a performance

To be honest, It was VERY entertaining and funny!

I also manage to take some videos for you all to watch :-D

Funny signs with direct translation like this were all over China. So I would have to say that it was a very entertaining trip indeed! :-D

So after CCTV's City of 3 Kingdoms tour, we were "FORCEFULLY" brought to a pearl shop though I told the tour guide NOT to take us to any Pearl Shop as we were uninterested.

The stupid tour guide LIED to us and told us it was a seafood shop....What a BITCH! Then they brought us into a room *trapped* and this old Chinese Dude demonstrated to us but opening an Oyster...

OLD MAN: OMG!!! You are so LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many pearl inside!!!!!!!!
ME: Zzzzzzz *Thinks to myself* DEFUG??? You think I was born yesterday??? So easy to cheat?

I was so pissed that I kept quiet the entire time and when our tour guide came into the room I give her THE BIGGEST DEATH STARE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: *In Mandarin* I gonna grab that knife (pictured above) and kill you! You freaking lied to me!!!!
Tour Guide: *Quickly takes the knife and puts it away* *Fake laugh* hahahhaha don't kill me.

My mum and I were then brought to the shop and they were forcefully trying to sell us some magic pearl powder shit. The heck! I was so angry that I grabbed my mum and walked out....

By then, the tour guide knew that I WAS in "Murder mode" already. She took me aside and told me stupid things like "Oh, the driver would be angry if you don't buy anything (coz usually tour guides and drivers get a commission)"...

I don't care! I don't want any magic Pearl Powder though it might make me look like Angelina Jolie...stupid bitch!

Next up, we were brought to this "mini Europe" park. Over here you can find a lot of buildings that is a smaller duplicate of landmarks in Europe.

A great place to walk around since the weather was fantastic and to let off "steam"

It was November/Early December, Autumn in China and because the weather was so good, there were A LOT of couples who were taking their wedding pictures here :-)

Yay! I'm in Paris again!!! :-P

Couple pictures being shot

Cute van from one of the Wedding Photography company which was doing a shooting there

After the long day, we were brought to the hotel.

This is one of the nicer hotels that we stayed in

Came here for dinner

And I had one of the best dinners here in China

This tofu was my mum's favorite!

After dinner, as our hotel was located conveniently at the heart of the city, my mum and I decided to take a leisurely stroll to the shopping malls nearby

Those people were squatting as there was a cute dog there and everyone wanted to pet it.

Rise and shine next day and breakfast first before heading to our next location.

I really enjoyed the breakfast here. Especially this pumpkin ball.

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