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CHINA TRAVEL 2012: Suzhou City Tour

So today, we are heading off to the town of Suzhou
Breakdown of my Suzhou Trip itinerary

  • Suzhou Bird Nest Stadium
  • Times Square Mall of Suzhou
  • Xiangmen Ancient City
  • Suzhou Silk Factory
  • Shantang River Street
  • Hairy Crab Dinner

Ok, one thing to note about China is that the TOILETS are freaking smelly and nasty!!!!! So why are we taking a selfie here?

Just because it was the least stinky toilet...LOL!

Our first stop is the "fake" Bird Nest stadium. The Chinese just love faking a duplicating EVERY SINGLE THING though the bird nest stadium originated from their country also (in Beijing).

Yes, yes...very hazy as China is known for it's horrible air quality index.

Fake flamingoes behind...Weeee!!!

Fake bird nest stadium

This is the new Times Square mall of Suzhou

But unfortunately, it's pretty dead
It may be new, but many shops were already closing down due to lack of business

Next up, Lunch!

This fish dish was super delicious!

We met up with our Suzhou tour guide at lunch. She's a part time tour guide and part time housewife...I think it's a really good idea. Don't mind being a part time tour guide if it pays well, I know KL and KL's best food like the back of my hand :-D Anyone wanna employ me? :-P

First tourist stop of the day was this place called the Xiangmen Ancient City Wall

Our tour guide
Apparently, this place used to be owned by a wealthy minister who retired and decided to live here

Did the above pose coz my tour guide told me too...LOL! 
It's the pose of all young, virgin fair maidens....LMAO!!!

There was also a boat ride here and the rowers were all old people...say 70 or 80 years old!!! :-O

Here's a video of our boat man, they usually sing to us (like in Venice :-P)

So next up is another "stupid" direct selling place which sells silk. Btw, Suzhou is famous for the silk...and Suzhou Fish Ball? LOL!!!

Silk processing factory

Dead silk worm

This is how your stretch your silk....6
Yes, silk is one of the best durable materials ever!!!

So we didn't buy anything as we didn't see anything we like. But this tour guide of ours is a smart woman. She got the hint and decided she had to leave. GREAT!!! No more stupid direct selling shit!

Cute dog...that was!

So our driver asked us if we wanted to go to someplace else where we could shop for souvenirs. Yes of course! As it wasn't part of the itinerary, he asked for an extra fee...anything you want dude...As long as I know need to sit through one of those stupid direct selling demo/talk...

One of the BEST decision I've made on this tour!!! This place was lovely! Happy mum, Happy daughter :-D

If you are wondering where this place is, it is at the Shantang river

Lots of Chinese outfits and souvenirs being sold here

Sorry for making it hard for you to see the pictures but there's no function on blogger that allows me to turn my picture around and I find it hard to search for all these pictures in my external hard drive as it was super long ago T__T

Super cute Hello Kitty vehicle!!! I want a smart car like this!!!!!! :-D

Just too pretty! Love this place so so much!

Wedding pictures being taken

This dog is so damn bloody cute!!!!!!!!

Everyone just couldn't resist and wanted to pat it

Till it attacked this girl with furry boots...LOL!!! SO damn hilarious!!!

Our hotel in Suzhou!!!

That night, we had dinner in the hotel

We also had hairy crab (which we paid extra for). Gave it both to mummy. As I'm not really a roe kind of person except for my new found love of Sea Urchins :-D

We even had TV to watch in our private dining room during our meal

Our hotel...sorry for the blurry pic but this hotel is located in the middle of nowhere. Quite scary to go out at night but we decided to walk to the supermarket opposite

Rain Coat for motorcyclist! So Innovative!!!


Breakfast the next morning before heading to Shanghai

Mummy dearest

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