Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CHINA TRAVEL 2012: Shanghai City Tour (Yu Yuan Garden, The Bund, Shanghai Pearl Tower)

Off to Shanghai Town :-)

Our first stop was at this place which coincidentally is a Direct Selling place again.  What they sell here in Jade. I specifically told my driver no direct selling and he assured me that they won't force me to buy. I totally lost me cool when I driver physically PUSHED ME into one of the direct selling room. THAT WAS IT!!! No manhandling a woman you idiot. I screamed and shout at all of them in front of the other tourist. Don't freaking mess with me. Immediately, I headed downstairs and called up the Malaysian Branch (where I booked our tour) in KL and spoke to the GM. Then only they explained that all the drivers need to get a coupon from these direct selling places as they government would give them a "cut" or "allowance" as part of of the plan to promote tourism in China. Well, first of all, you should have told me earlier and secondly. DON'T EVER FREAKING PUSH A WOMAN!!!
After that super big hoo-haa, we headed to lunch

This place is called a Tong Ren Tang (Chinese Medicinal Shop) where of course they would pescribe you with medicine that is so unbelievable fantastically powerful that can transform any man into Superman and any woman into Wonderwoman...The only thing we bought was this plaster for our muscle as our legs were aching from all the walking throughout the trip. You see, if I want something. I would buy it. Just don't force me to do thinks I don't want to. Thank you very much!

This place is called the Yuyuan Gardens and I believe it is completely worthy of a visit though the clothing here and souvenirs are more expensive than other places like QiPuLu Wholesale Market (Which I also highly recommend too!)

Wu Lu Candy...Like how you can find in all those TVB period dramas :-D

A half an hour walk at Nanjing Lu (Road). The view at night is much better (my next blog post)


You just cannot miss the Xiao Loong Bao (Small Dragon Bun?) while in Shanghai

The Beautiful Shanghai pictures do not do justice to how beautiful the place really is...

Shanghai is a city I really love and wouldn't mind migrating to...I may love the sceneries at all those small ancient towns that I have visited but a city girl will always be a city girl I believe :-)

One thing though, the air quality is Shanghai is really bad, even at night you can still see how hazy it is :-)

Here's a video of the night view of Shanghai Bund

Up next is a visit to the Pearl Tower

Yup. Year of the!!!

The famous see-through floor at the Pearl Tower

The night view is just breathtaking :-)

The arcade area downstairs and on the way out

This 5 Star hotel was the BEST hotel we stayed at throughout our trip to China

My shopping loot!!!

Yes, Shanghai was where I bought all my beautiful Cheongsams though I can even buy them at a cheaper price online now :-D

Love this boots but it was spoilt during my trip to Korea and has been abandoned there already

LOL!!! Mask and email checking time :-P

It was at the end of our tour that night and we decided to stay in Shanghai for 2 more days on our own after that...

The next morning, we headed back to the city

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