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CHINA TRAVEL 2012: Shanghai City Tour (Xin Tian Di Luxury Street, Qi Pu Road (Wholesale Clothing Market), Nanjing Road)

We hired a driver to take us back to the city

Our first stop was the High Class/Luxury Goods area called Xin Tian Di

A really nice place to just relax and have a coffee. The weather was beautiful too!

Super cute furry doggy

All these little alleys were just too pretty and great for picture taking :-D

HARRY WINSTON *dreamy eyed* Have always loved Harry Winston for the longest time as only legendary women (like me of course and Elizabeth Taylor) are deserving and worthy of such things :-D

Next up was Qipu Road a.k.a QiPuLu

A lot of houses around the wholesale market was being demolished. Looked kinda creepy

You just have to visit this place for dirt cheap clothes!!!

OMG So cute!!! I've been wanting a Pomeranian for oh-so-long, My POM-FIE-FIE T__T

Another trend I noticed here is that they not only sell couple outfit but also "family" outfit for Mum, Dad and the little one :-D

The place is SO-DAMN-HUGE as there is a few wholesale malls located there. You'd probably need 1 week to complete your shopping. 3 days minimum if you are on Turbo mode!!! :-P

Had Lunch at this Fast Food restaurant.

Chinese style fast food with rice and soup. Very yummy!

My Beef Noodle

LOL! Direct translation. This place is where you pick up your food item after ordering.

This mall in particular is where you can do your manicures, pedicures and hair extension!!!!

SURPRISE!!! Shanghai was where I did my hair extension for the first time!!! For 200-250 strands (I couldn't remember), I was only charged below RM200!!! WTH!!!!!

And only took them 30 minutes coz their skill was so good!

At the shop nearby, there were also aboriginal children (cheap illegal labor) who were working at the salons there

Yeap, got my nails done a guy...LOL!!!

But unfortunately, the quality wasn't really good as the sequins came off within 1 week T__T

Cute little baby who was walking around

*Emo face* So cute!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

My pretty new hair :-D

Loved it so much!!! For the duration it lasted, anyways :-P

Before we knew it, it was already closing time at QiPuLu (The shops closes between 5pm-7pm)

Off we headed to check into our hotel :-)

Good enough for 1 night worth of stay though it was quite noisy as the room was facing the road

So we had 2 choices that night, if we were to turn right from the hotel entrance, we would head to the Shanghai Bund (which we already went to the night before) and if we were to turn left, we were to head to Nanjing Lu which we also visited during the day before. 

We decided to head to Nanjing Lu (road). It was the BEST choice ever!!! You would see later why...

It was a 20 minutes walk which was good for us because we have eaten too much on this!

Had McDonalds for dinner

One of the special food item that season in China...

Very very pretty at night. We just wanted to take a leisurely stroll and decided to walk further.

Unbeknownst to us, this place was a treasure!!! And we came at the RIGHT TIME!!!
Every Saturday night, people would gather here and have all kind of performance and also to mingle around

I took plenty of videos just for memory sake and you can watch it here :-)

This place is just so lovely and walking around makes it so therapeutic :-)

I dunno what this is. But a lot of people were lining up to buy it.

Had a Lovely Romantic Night at Nanjing Lu but headed back to the hotel as we had to wake up early the next day to head to Zhuhai (South of China) by plane and also another round of Adventure :-)

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