Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CHINA TRAVEL 2012: Zhuhai Tour (Spring Airline, Meixi Arch, Zhuhai Wax Museum, Mask Changing Show, Yunnan Tea House, The Tasty Buffet Dinner)

Sky was still dark when we took a cab to the airport

Breakfast which I bought from one of the minimart at the airport

We took Spring Airline from Shanghai to Zhuhai and bought our tickets via one of the ticketing agent in Shanghai the day before. Big Risk I know but couldn't book online before our trip. They sold very cute items on board.

I recorded this super FUNNY video which I have to show you!!! Before landing, the cabin crew will lead us into this exercise routine and they saw me recording. They came up to me and told me off in Mandarin and told me to delete it. I acted stupid and replied them in English "What? I do not understand you?" The cabin crew walked away and came back to embarrassingly wave me off....He could converse with me in English!!! LOL!!! WTF!!! Good thing is that I still have this video. Enjoy! :-D

Touched down Zhuhai and we headed to the town centre by bus

Had lunch at KFC while waiting for our tour guide + driver came to  come pick us up.

Checking into our hotel first

Our tour guide cum driver is very professional. This was also because she has been to Malaysia and has met many Malaysian tourist too.

Our first tourist stop was the Meixi Arch

This place used to be a village

A very rich man house who had contributed a lot to society by giving donations in the days where emperors still exist

Mask changing shows are held here daily. We will come back as the show hasn't started yet

Zhuhai Wax Museum

The show was very entertaining though (as it was an open air area) there were plenty of mosquitoes around. Zhuhai is much more warmer than Shanghai as it is is located towards the South.

I managed to take a video of the Mask-Changing show :-D Enjoy!

After that we were brought to the Pu-er tea shop

Pu-er tea is from the Yunnan province. The story behind Yunnan province is pretty interesting as the Women work while the Men stays at home to look after the Children. Though it's completely against the law of nature and takes the fun out of being chased and pursued, I kind of admire these ladies (who also works here) as they are independent are are able to make decisions in their life. Including choosing who to marry.

Yunnan delicacies which we bought a few boxes :-P

The sales person to sold the tea to us. She says she's working very hard to earn enough money to go home and get marry. Also, woman in Yunnan only get married when they are 27 or 28, which would be considered pretty old for other parts of the country.

It was dinner time and we headed to this restaurant for Buffet dinner

We really enjoyed ourselves here as the food was yummy and had lots of variety

There's even a clown there to gift out balloon sculptures to children

I dunno why my expression was like that, but we headed back to the hotel after that to rest for the next day.

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