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MACAU TRAVEL 2012: Hotel, Casino & Food Tour

When you visit Zhuhai or Macau you can go across either town by just walking through the border. BUT make sure that you China visa is a multiple entry pass so that you can go back into China as many times as you wish.
Breakdown of our 1 Day Trip Itinerary

  • The Venetian Macao
  • The Galaxy
  • Senado Square
  • St. Paul Ruins
  • Macau Pork Chop Bun
  • Koi Kei Pastry
  • Double Boiled Milk
  • Margaret's Egg Tart
  • Grand Lisboa
  • Wynn Casino-Music Light Fountain Show & Rotunda Show
  • MGM Grand

While mummy and I was visiting Zhuhai, we decided to visit Macau for a day-trip as our tour package consist of a few days of free & easy.

Upon going through the border you would find A LOT of booths promoting their casinos and FREE shuttles taking you there. Afterall, the Casino/Gambling business is the core of Macau's economy.
Raining heavily that hoo~

As I have visited Macau 2-3 times in the past, I kinda know my way around. So the first casino I brought mummy to was the Venetian

Though it is not located in the city centre, the Venetian is worthy of a visit because of it's architecture.
My first visit here was with daddy and his side of his family and we managed to catch Cirque Du Soleil which were having it's 5 year run here. It was just FANTASTIC!

You are not allowed to take pictures INSIDE the casino but outside at the mall area is ok.
As it was the holiday season, a lot of performers were hired to perform around the Venetian. Here's a video of this magician and his female assistant.

Also, inside the venetian, there's a man-made "river" which is a replica of Venice.

Wedding photography taking place here...

This bear toy is so cute! Check out the video below!

Hello Kitty!

And the thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IN MACAU is how bloody clean the toilet is!!! After the nightmare we've gone through in China. The toilets here are heaven. So, let me take a selfie :-P

If you would like a ride on the Gondola, the rower would actually sing to you too!! 3 years back it was all caucasians, but now, all Philipinos :-P

Hello Kitty ADULT clothing!!!!

Hey Santa!

Victoria Secret yo!!! Love these set of pictures...

So after the Venetian, we decided to head to the town centre.

Next up, The Galaxy

The truth is, you don't really need to spend much money (unless if you would want to gamble of course) when visiting Macau as each and every hotel/casino have loads of things to watch/see which is entertaining enough to fill your entire day

Just like these wishing crystals!

After that, we lined up at the free shuttle bus stop to head to San Ma Lo. Transportation from casino to casino is FREE. We haven't used a single cent yet!

That's the Macau Tower and if you dare, the HIGHEST bungy jump ever!!! 

The Grand Lisboa was our next location but we decided to stop one stop further so that we can walk around

Always love traveling during Christmas time as the decorations are always beautiful :-)

This place is located right opposite the entrance of Senado Square, by memory, it is some government office o something

2012!!! LOL!!! Procrastination at it's best I guess :-P

So our intention at Senado Square was non other than to eat!

First up was this dumpling store

Saw A LOT of people lining up at this stall and my traveler "intuition" which never fails me told me to follow suit...

No FLASH CAMERA allowed...Please take note, or else the lady won't sell any biscuits to you...

Raining. But what I love about mummy is that she's always prepared with a small umbrella with her!!! That's what mother's do best right? Mummy knows best when something is bound to go wrong...

So this is how the biscuits look like. Many people buy it by the boxes! But I just find the taste so-so though...

Mum was fascinated by these wooden furnitures and bought a few
The super famous St.Paul ruins...

Go all the way up to the top because there's a mini museum there...

More wedding photography...

Next to the ruins is a park also...

The view of old Macau...

Canons, a blast from the past (pun intended)

Cute doggies

Random shop

Macau Pork Chop Bun

The Chinese Biscuit shop is pretty famous. I always get my stash of almond biscuits & pork floss biscuits here when I visit Macau. There are a few of these stalls in Senado square

Random shop that sells cute children clothing

When the lights light up at night :-D

While walking to find to find the Macau Egg Tart shop, I was so lucky to come across this shop that sells double boiled milk & egg custard...It's one of my FAVOURITE FOOD ever!!!

Steamed sweet egg

Mummy loved it too!!

MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!! Had 2 of it!!!!!!!

The milk comes from the cow at this particular farm

After that we headed to the EGG TART shop and I wasn't aware that I wasn't allowed to take pictures so I took this shot...The stupid aunty in the picture above started screaming at me!!!! Hate it when shit like this happen while traveling. I hope she bloody chokes on the egg tarts and die...

It was Margaret Egg Tart by the way. The other famous one is Lord Stow's but it is located quite far away...

Finally arrived at the Grand Lisboa

That's the old Casino Lisboa

Trying to take the perfect shot but I didn't know that I accidentally pressed another picture function which resulted in my pictures being slightly reddish


At this point, I was still thinking "What the hell is wrong with my camera???"

Then I realized after my Bimbo moment "expired"...LOL!!!

Around Grand Lisboa are several other Casinos which are walking distance

This one is Wynn Casino

Musical fountain show

Boo hoo~

Wanted to watch this Zodiac/ Magic Tree show but it was under maintenance :-(

MGM Grand

After that, we waited for a shuttle to head back to the border to go back to Zhuhai

That's the mini furniture set which mummy bought
Bought a lot of items at Sasa in Macau as it was really cheap!

The stupid egg tart which got me a scolding...hmmmphhh!

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