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CHINA TRAVEL 2012: Shenzhen (Dong Men Pedestrian Street, Luo Hu Commercial City) & Hong Kong (Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Avenue of Stars, Symphony of Light)

Breakfast time! So today we're heading to the port to take a ferry to Shenzhen where we would stay for another 3 days 2 nights before finally flying back to Malaysia...

This is the Zhuhai port

Our ticket
The ferry takes about 1 1/2 hours to Shenzhen

There's some Cantonese drama for you to watch too while on board but all I could remember was being really really sea sick :-(
Arrive Shenzhen and dragged our bags to the train station to get to our hotel
Very clean + efficient
It's quite easy to navigate your way around as there are very few lines 
Spotted Old Town white coffee here!
So this is our hotel for the next 2 nights

Without further delay, we headed out shopping straightaway! :-D

So our first stop was the Dong Men Pedestrian Street (东门步行街; Dōng​mén​ Bù​xíng​ Jiē​). You can find more affordable goods here compared to Luohu Commercial City as over there is where most tourist head to

Lots of snacks can be found here too

Had some snack first before continuing shopping :-D

More snacks

We had dinner at this Chinese Fast Food chain with the Bruce Lee logo...called Kung Fu something...I couldn't remember

The food here is actually really good especially the steamed egg

Our successful buys of the day! :-D
All these pretty necklaces were only RM15-RM30. In KL, you'll get it for RM80 to RM100+++

Clothes, shoes and a clutch

After that it was snooze time as we had to wake up early the next day to head to HONG KONG!!!
Outfit of the day

Yes, my mum is really really petite

To get to the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border you need to use the train

Very Clean and Convenient

Yay! Finally here...kinda hated the weather as it was raining the entire day too :-(

First stop is TIM HO WAN dim sum. It is now available in Singapore too!

Tim Ho Wan is the CHEAPEST 1 Michelin star restaurant ever

Since I'm such a freaking amazing daughter, I decided to bring my mum for a Michelin starred meal :-D

LOL! Direct translation...

After getting you number (the line is FREAKING LONG!!!) You also get a menu which you can choose what you would like to have later

As it was a 1 1/2 hour wait, we decided not to waste time and head to the Wong Tai Sin temple

The Wong Tai Sin temple is known to be very accurate in it's predictions

There were LOTS of China tourists there

Dragon God

So this is the area where you request the higher beings for a "chin" or an answer to your wish. I couldn't remember what I wished for....

Back to Tim Ho Wan

Lol. Random dog poop-ing area in the middle of the street

Sadly, we missed our number T__T and had to wait for another 1 1/2 hours ...FML! Mum was so angry at me....

Oh wells, decided to have coffee next door

LOL! Spot the mistake!

Back to lining up

Finally our turn and 1st meal of the day!!!

This is what it looks like on the inside
Super duper bloody cramped!!!

Radish Cake

Cheong Fun with Char Siew inside


The one in Ipoh taste better...

"Guai Fah Koh" a.k.a Ostmanthus Jelly-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

VERDICT: Only the Polo Char Siew Bun and Ostmanthus jelly is good. The rest is overrated

The bill came up to $141.00 (RM 70)

Initially I wanted to bring my mum up the BIG BUDDHA and have vegetarian food there but unfortunately we didn't have enough time as it was raining T__T

So immediately, we headed straight to meet my Hong Konger friend Patty :-)

Rainbow ELMO!!! So Cute!!!

Patty was so sweet, she bought my mum and I drinks at this cafe

I've always found her to be tall, slim and pretty. Totally a Miss Hong Kong candidate but she never took my advice :'(

We then decided to walk around the city

"Kai Tan Chye" biscuit

LOL...Hermes House...wherever that takes you...

"Loh Poh Bang" a.k.a wife biscuit from the famous Wing Wah

Last stop for the night before heading back to Shenzhen 

One of the hotel lounge which was overlooking the beautiful harbor...

We went in just to use the toilet...LOL!!! 

Travel Tip: To gain respect from the hotel staff just SPEAK ENGLISH...adding a bit of slang helps too!!!

So bloody beautiful. Thank god it's not raining anymore...

As it was still early, we walked around before the Symphony of Light show starts...

The show was starting!!!

People were on standby and waiting already...Luckily I took a video :-D

If you have a couple of days and if the weather is nice, you can consider taking this tourist bus...

Train back to the border and back to Shenzhen

Our last day at Shenzhen...which means, a last chance at shopping and splurging ALL the remainder of our cash :-D
Mcdonalds for brunch since they have pork here...

So today, we headed to the Luo Hu Commercial City which I was talking about earlier to look see look see

The truth is, EVERYTHING here is OVERPRICED!!! No point even handling as the opening price is very expensive...
The ONLY thing here that is worth buying is actually custom made cheongsam...All the tailors are located at the top level and I paid RM500 for my beautiful custom made Cheongsam with a long train. Unfortunately, they would require at least 3-5 days to complete the cheongsam so I was actually taking a BIG risk as I requested them to send it over to Malaysia in 1 week...was super duper scared but I got it!!! :-D

I find that there's a lot of bridal shops here in Shenzhen and I also noticed that a lot of Malaysians actually chose to come to Shenzhen for their wedding shoot. Probably because of their affordable traveling expenses and package...


But then again, this design doesn't really fit my body shape and would make me look fat :-(
Went back to the hotel cafe and had dinner there

We were actually heading back to KL that evening 
Tell you something super stupid and funny. Halfway through dinner, I realized that I left my ATM card at one of the machines at Luo Hu Commercial City while getting cash to pay for my Cheongsam...FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luckily it was our last day there so we decided to pay the taxi driver in a few different currencies as we didn't have any cash yet...LOL!!!

Lesson learnt for being so silly!!!!!
Waiting for a cab to take us to the airport as the taxi doesn't go into the lane where the hotel entrance is stupid!!!

Finally a cab!!!
A trip with crazy ups and downs...but that is how life is right? Full of Highs and Lows and Ups and Downs...That is what makes life and traveling so exciting! Life is a journey and an adventure...we chose the people to travel and share the experiences with and hopefully they don't abandon us along the way...

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