Wednesday, July 9, 2014

EUROPE TRAVEL 2012: The Lourve Museum Paris

The Lourve Museum is another place you JUST have to visit while in Paris or else it's like you have never been in Paris at all...

Had breakfast at one of the random cafes 

The price got to turn your head to look at it coz I'm too lazy to search for my old files :-S

Inside the famous pyramids...filled with so many tourist!

Didn't know the Mona Lisa was this small...had a really big expectation

That is how we manage to get our shots considering how big the museum is :-P

Milo de Venus or is it Venus de! Not as impressive as how I think it would be T__T

The Egyptian Artiefacts

The best friend failed!

After the museum visit, we decided to go for a walk as there was a beautiful park nearby

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