Wednesday, July 9, 2014

EUROPE TRAVEL 2012: Paris Laduree, Shopping at Galleries La'fayette & the Moulin Rouge

This post is a continuation from my last blog post about the Lourve can read it here :-)

What I really love about Europe is that you can walk around the entire day and not sweat/feel tired that easily

After walking for a bit, we spotted this Macaron first, I didn't know that Laduree was "the" famous macaron shop but because a lot of people were entering the shop and lining up, I decided to follow the crowd. This tip has always worked in my favor when traveling overseas :-D

Hello Kitty!!!!! Even the French girls love em'

Yay! Got a box of these babies :-D

After that, we decided to head to Galleries La'fayette for some shopping

Bought a lot of Longchamp bags for friends and family :-D
Satisfied face!!! Hehe!!!

Not to forget to get your tax refund while shopping in Europe

Just so beautiful the architecture of this shopping mall

The bestie bought a Chanel wallet

Had dinner at this fast food joint right next to the Moulin Rouge as we were about to watch a show there
It was super frustrating as the staff here could hardly speak a word of English

So many China tourist

The theatre was packed

Overall I really enjoyed the show though it was nothing like the movie "Moulin Rouge" It's amazing how the French can make nudity look so beautiful and artistic :-)

My lil souvenir from the Moulin Rouge-a card holder!

Ended the night with a canned Gin & Tonic which I bought in London....but this is just NASTY!!! tasted so damn bad

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