Wednesday, July 9, 2014

EUROPE TRAVEL 2012: Paris Disneyland

What I love about Paris is that every corner there's a quaint little cafe/bakery that has really delicious authentic Parisian pastries :-)



My favorite musical of all time. Wish I could watch this one day :-)

Very exciting day today as we were heading to non-other than....
Paris Disneyland!!!!

 I think my camera battery died after this point and had to resort to using my best friend's camera but unfortunately, the pictures turned out really blurry :'( I also had to struggle with the lighting too as some of the rides were pretty dim..

The haunted hotel at the background was my FAVORITE!!! Extremely thrilling. A must try when you visit Paris Disneyland

The lines were pretty long but luckily I brought some snacks to entertain myself...also offered some to the kids who were lining up with me :-D
Saw Goofy walking past me too!!!

Coincidentally, Paris Disneyland was celebrating their 20th Anniversary that year :-)

It was also during Halloween, hence the "Halloween" themed decorations

Pumpkins all around!

Star Wars ride

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Had fast food for dinner at one of the cafes 


Waiting for the light show at night

Souvenir shopping

This was how much the best friend! She told me not to post this up so that her parents/brothers don't nag her but what the heck! It's been 2 years :-D

Souvenirs from Paris Disneyland!!! I find that the food & souvenirs available at Paris Disneyland is pretty affordable compared to Hong Kong Disneyland with it's cutthroat prices...

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