Monday, July 7, 2014

FOOD REVIEW: Lobster Seafood at The Lobsterman, SS2

The Lobsterman Homarus Americanus....HAHAHAHAH!!!!! Really! That's the full name of this restaurant though it sounds like some kind of STD (sexually transmitted disease-just kidding!), but let me assure you that the food here is really delicious :-D

Heard of this place for the longest time and it's my first time at a restaurant that specializes in nothing else but Lobsters. The "adults" on our table were talking about Lobster sizes and how the biggest Lobsters ain't always the best. The bigger it is, The chewier the meat. Hence, the best size would be between 800gm-900gm...Though at the Lobsterman, they sell lobsters that are up to 1.8kg

Baked escargots

Baked scallops with white sauce. Unfortunately, the sauce did not really go well with the scallops. :-(

Spinach the came on top of the scallop

Lobster bisque-very rich with a bitter aftertaste. A little too strong for my liking

Lobster wrapped in Lotus leaves

Initially, I wanted the Thermidor Baked Lobster but I changed my mind and ordered the Tarragon Butter Baked Lobster. And I chose the smallest size (500gm) as I'm not a big eater.

Lobster with Red Wine. The Reddish Chili-like looking thing is actually lobster eggs!

Grilled lamb

Chicken Chop with Cheese or was it Chicken Maryland?...was more interested with the lobsters so I didn't pay much attention to this dish :-S

Lobster is Chinese White Wine...This is yummy! You can totally taste the lobster in the white wine broth

Lobster yee sang...Nothing to shout about
Verdict: So for a table of 7, we walloped 10 Lobsters altogether :-D Even the 5 year old kid on our table could eat the entire lobster by herself! We also had Australian Riesling that accompanied the dinner but I forgot to take a picture of that. Overall, I would recommend The Lobsterman as the pricing is really affordable :-)

No. 53, Jalan SS 2/30,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03 7877 6772
Fax: 03 7877 0772

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