Friday, October 24, 2014

AUSTRALIA PERTH 2014: Fremantle Market, Waterfront, Old Round House & Barbecue at home

"Sarah!!! Wake up!!!" my cousin started to knock on my door...

Brings back memories of the times where I was living in New Zealand. My cousins would wake me up every morning...I'm totally not a morning person T__T...

So I really admire my uncles and aunty for being able to wake up in the morning and cook a hearty breakfast for the family...I've decided that I will marry a rich capable husband who can employ maids for each children :-D
Hey, I need my beauty sleep ok...Pretty wife, happy husband. Happy wife, happy life :-D
It was a Sunday, so the entire family made a trip to Fremantle

First stop was the Fremantle Market :-D
Hello cutie!!! :-D

I find that there's a lot of Tarot reading places in competitive!

This Honeycake was really yummy! Bought a box for the family to eat :-D

Next we headed to Kailis for some Fish and Chips

You have no idea how FREAKING EXPENSIVE fish and chip is in Australia!!!!! Fish and chips in New Zealand is cheap and yummy!

This boxed coffee is

The price range of fish and chips in Perth is between $13-$20 depending on the type of New Zealand you can get Fish and Chips for $5 and it is freaking delicious!

Chillie Mussels...very very spicy!

Vety bright and sunny day. Hence the expression :-D

Next up was another farmers/sunday market...forgot its name though but it's pretty near the old Prison a.k.a round house

So deep
Would have bought one if it said "ex boyfriend in boot" :-D

Stopped by at a few supermarkets to buy ingredients for our barbecue dinner

Souvenirs for family and friends...if you didn't get any, it means I don't love you enough. Too bad!

6 pieces of fresh abalone for $40...what the hell!!! so cheap!!!

Drying the abalone shells

This was the honey cake which I bought earlier...I wonder whether it is difficult to make...hmmm...

The chef-my uncle Leon :-D

Had to drink a glass of red wine that night as the weather became very chilly

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