Saturday, October 25, 2014

AUSTRALIA PERTH 2014: Horse-back Riding at Horse Resort, Canal Homes at South Yunderap & Piloting a Pontoon at Mandurah

Next morning at Quality Inn, we headed for breakfast. It was a bit too cold to eat outside so we stayed indoors.

Breakfast is complimentary

But if you would like savory food items like eggs, sausages, etc there's additional charges

After breakfast, we headed to Horse resort for Horse Riding :-D

Woah! Look at the sky!!!

I really wanted a White Horse...but they gave me a black one instead :-(
Fat cat at the ranch

*Dat ass* :-P

Horseback riding is one of the BEST experience of my life!!! Finally get to scratch it off my bucket list :-)

We headed to South Yunderap and made a pit stop at McDonalds for lunch :-D

Salad is mine :-D

First time "renting" someone's home to live for 2 nights :-)

The houses here have Canals at the back of their house!!! I want a boat at the back of my house! It would be so damn cool!

Bought more "supplies" from the supermarket...heheheh!!!

The bestie and my fave wine brand ;-D

OMG!!! This French Onion Dip is amaze balls!!! So damn delicious...where can I find this in Malaysia T__T
Dinner time!!!

This is what we do at night...It's been long since I played board games

Next day, we headed to Mandurah 

Rented a pontoon so that we can pilot the boat on our own :-D

Showing us the directions that we should take

Driving selfie...not recommended unless you are a good driver like me :-P
But actually, at one point...I drove us into shallow waters and we got stucked!!! LOL!!!
Luckily a family on a boat came and save us :-P

During summer you can park your boat at a few designated places and use facilities such as the waterslide shown in the picture above

Love the beautiful mansions here

Apparently its even more beautiful during Christmas when houses are competing with each other to showcase the BEST Christmas decorations :-D

Stop by at our starting point to take away lunch before sailing off again

Pirate boat!!! aye aye!

Headed back to South Yunderap after our boating trip

After resting for a bit, my cousins and I headed out for an evening jog

Everywhere closes at usually families stay at home and watch sad~ huhuhuhuhu!!! I can NEVER adapt to the life here considering how "happening" my life is back in Malaysia...not even when I'm married with 3 kids...I'll be a super fun mom! :-D

We were super lucky as we spotted Dolphins at the back of the house swimming in the Canal!!!
There's a lot of home shopping channels too!!! which I kinda enjoy watching :-P

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